A 15-year-old Muslim girl, who was walking into a mosque in Saint Paul, Minnesota on Monday morning, found a note on the mosque’s door that read: “Muhammad was a ra**st! F**k Islam!”

“Before she brought it to me, she ripped it up out of anger,” said Kassim Busuri, administrator of the Islamic Dawah Center. “We know that these kind of acts are done by people who are ignorant, who don’t understand our religion or who we are.”

According to Busuri, police are investigation and have promised to send more patrol officers to the area around the mosque. The Saint Paul Police Department, however, did not comment on the incident.

The portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad as a rapist and a pedophile is a misleading lie that Islamophobes often repeat. According to some academics, this claim dates back to the Crusades, when Europeans sought to demonize Islam.

The incident happened after a series of Islamophobic hate crimes that show a surge in anti-Muslim sentiments across the United States. Earlier this month, a man shot two Muslim men, across the river in Minneapolis, while shouting anti-Muslim insults.

Many more Islamophobic hate crimes were commited across the United States. After the anti-Muslim political speech of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the U.S. presidential election, the number of hate crimes targeting Muslims increased rapidly.

Busuri said that whoever left the note, needs to be “prosecuted for the trauma” they caused at the center.

“We’re trying to teach children that they belong here, that this is their country. They are American. They were all born here,” he added.