The Syrian Army forces have continued to attack ISIS’s strongholds on the Eastern side of al-Shamaliyah and were able to capture two key heights in the region and strengthen the security of oil pipelines, FNA reported on Tuesday.

Tens of ISIS fighters were injured or killed and the rest were pushed back from the heights Rami 1 and 2 and Salim 1 and 2 by the Syrian soldiers, according to the report.

The Syrian Army troops also hit four of ISIS’s suicide vehicles before reaching their targets along al-Mokafer-Aqarib road, near the newly-liberated oilpipelines in the region.

According to reports, earlier today, Syrian Army forces National Defense Forces targeted ISIS’s positions along the main oil pipeline in Easter Hama and forced the terrorists to retreat from the region.

The government forces continued their join move eastward into the desert area of al-Salamiyah, taking control of ISIS-held strategic points along the oil pipeline.

ISIS suffered a great deal of damage to its military equipment and a heavy death toll as a result of the attacks.