Kashmir, once known as heaven on earth, has turned into a valley of bloodshed and deadly violence.

Decades of territorial disputes between India and Pakistan have shattered the entire region. In recent weeks, a new wave of unrest erupted after the killing of a pro-independence leader by Indian forces in southern Kashmir.

Since then, confrontations between stone throwing protesters and government forces continue unabated. To contain law and order, New Delhi has rushed 2,000 additional paramilitary troops to Kashmir.

Human rights activists criticize New Delhi’s move as irrational.

“The number of soldiers which India keeps on increasing. Even today, we have heard that India is bumping more number of soldiers into Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian forces are only trained to kill. They do not have sufficient training for crowd control,” Human Rights lawyer Khurram Parvez said.

In recent days, international human rights bodies have strongly criticized New Delhi for using excessive force to disperse protesters. The ongoing unrest has claimed more than forty lives and left over three thousands injured.

Hundreds have been crippled for life due to use of pellet bullets. Indian controlled Kashmir is known as the world’s most militarized zone, with the presence of around seven hundred thousand paramilitary forces there.

After days of deadly violence and bloodshed, an unusual calm prevailed in Kashmir valley, with no major incidents or violence reported. Human rights activists believe Kashmir issue is largely a political one which both India and Pakistan need to solve with sincerity and dedication to achieve a lasting solution.