Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly criticized a Bahraini court’s decision to dissolve the main opposition group, Al-Wefaq National Islamic society saying such conducts will further complicate the situation.

“Such measures by Bahrain’s government indicate that they are not after settling the existing dilemma and problems, and such conducts will further complicate the situation,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi stated.

His comments came after a court in Manama ordered the country's main Shiite opposition group to be dissolved and its assets to be seized, deepening a crackdown on opposition in Yemen.

The Iranian official described the punitive action as “unconstructive” and argued that such measures put mounting organized pressure on the moderate figures and movements.

The ruling against Al-Wefaq is one of the toughest measures taken by the Sunni-ruled country against civil society activists. The Shitte majority have been holding widespread protests since five years ago, demanding political reforms.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has also expressed deep concern over the Bahraini court’s ruling against the country’s main opposition group.