The top commander of ISIL terrorists in al-Sharqat region in Northern Salahuddin was seriously wounded in clashes between his forces and non-Syrian commanders of the Takfiri terrorist group, informed sources said Wednesday.

"Mowafaq Ali Huweija has been injured in infighting among his followers and non-Syrian fighters of the ISIL," the sources said, adding, "Recent advances of the Iraqi army and popular forces in Northern Salahuddin have widened rift among the ISIL leadership."

Local sources said on Tuesday that the recent advances of the Iraqi army and popular forces against the ISIL in two vast regions in Salahuddin province left no choice for the ISIL fighters and their families but to flock to Mosul in Nineveh province to find safer shelters.

"The ISIL security forces in Nineveh have increased checkpoints and prevent fleeing ISIL members and their families from entering Central parts of Mosul," the sources said.

"We are ordered to prevent you to enter Mosul," this is the response of the ISIL forces to fleeing members and their families.

"There have been several cases of arguments and even clashes between the ISIL security forces and fleeing people," they further added.

In the meantime, local civilians of Southern Mosul and Northern Salahuddin who moved towards government-held regions have been warmly accepted and sent to temporary camps.