A top Lebanese politician and former lawmaker emphasized that his country is indebted to Hezbollah for its support of the Syrian army and popular forces in their fight against the Takfiri terrorist groups there.

"Had it not been for Hezbollah's support and assistance in Syria, the explosions would have rocked Lebanon everyday," Emil al-Rahmeh told FNA on Sunday.

He said that the main goal of the Takfiri terrorist groups is to make Lebanon an insecure country.

On Saturday, Hezbollah hit the terrorists' military positions in Lebanon's Arsal region, killing several militants, including a senior commander.

Abu Khatab, ISIL's commander in charge of military operations in the village of al-Qa'a in Arsal region, was killed in Hezbollah's guided missile attack.

Scores of ISIL terrorists were also killed and wounded in Hezbollah's missile attack.

Earlier on Saturday, the Hezbollah fighters attacked the al-Nusra Front terrorist group's military positions in Arsal heights.

The al-Nusra Front's military positions came under Hezbollah's attacks in Wadi al-Kheil region in Arsal heights.

A large number of Al-Nusra Front terrorists were killed in Arsal region.

Meantime, the Hezbollah fighters attacked ISIL's centers in Ra'as al-Balbak region, scores of the Takfiri terrorists were killed in the attack.