A former member of France’s far-right National Front is under investigation for mocking and denying the Holocaust on his Twitter accounts.

On Monday, municipal officials notified the Montpelier prosecutors in southern France about the account of Djamel Boumaaz, a former member of France’s far-right National Front party, the Liberation daily reported.


Boumaaz, a Muslim who left the party last year over what he called anti-Muslim sentiments by party leader Marine Le Pen, claimed someone had hacked his account and posted the tweets, the news site Infos H24 reported.


According to Liberation, the profile description of the account, which was shut down Monday, read: “Forbidden to dogs and to Jews.”


A black-and-white picture posted on the account on Sunday showed corpses along with the text: “OK, let’s make up besides I have a heap of Jewish friends.”


Another tweet read: “My son has nightmares from your Holocaust. I told him not to be afraid of imaginary things.”