Khan Tuman is an area in Syria which was held by terrorists until Syrian forces retook it but lost it again.

The reasons behind the fall of Khan Tuman by terrorists:

1-  The rebels exploited the situation which cease-fire agreement created in Syria.

2-  Saudi Arabia and Turkey have recently equipped the terrorist militias with massive contingents of highly advanced weapons, e.g. TOW and Kornet missiles.

3-  Turkey and Saudi Arabia also provided the terrorists with complete logistical support.

4-  United States and Israel – the two main sponsors of world-wide terrorism– offered their intelligence capabilities, tactical instructions and military trainings to terrorist criminals.

5-  A large number of terrorists in other parts of Syria heeded the urgent plea for help by rebels who were seeking to occupy Khan Tuman ,exactly during the period of cease-fire

6-  Nearly 3.000 terrorists that U.S. and few western governments dubbed "moderate opposition groups" took part in the attack to capture the strategic city of Khan Tuman(namely  Jaysh al-Islam, Ahrar ash-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa , Faylaq al-Sham ,Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki and Jaish al-Fatah)