In the current Iraqi conflict, weapons of psychological, informational and propaganda nature are more damaging than suicide attacks or provocations from Erbil.

One of the most famous and hoary topics in the information field is the "Shias-Sunni conflict". A special status was given to this topic during the period of the American occupation of Iraq. During the reign of Prime Minister Maliki, internal contradictions, thanks to Western political technologies, acquired more character among Madhhabs feud. In the course of the planned information attack to inflate such a conflict, they staked not only on fragmentation of Iraq, but also on creating a negative image of Iran, Palestinians, local Islamic parties and organizations. The propaganda of the imperialists against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic parties of Iraq has long been not surprising, few people know that the image of "supporters of terrorism" was also created for Palestinians. The purpose of this campaign is to expose Palestinian refugees in Iraq as supporters of the Takfiri; as a proof, the Palestinians are attributed to the Sunni branch in Islam (manipulators and their listeners do not bother that Takfirism does not belong to Madhhab). Naturally, all the negative images are dispelled by intelligible facts, however not immediately and not everyone comes to the realization that a full-scale informational war is being waged against Iraq.

These are the manipulations of the liberal media, on the one hand. But that's not all...

After the defeat of ISIS, instead of telling about the victory of the people of Iraq, a gross falsification of events began, which had a political nature.

For example, there is an intentionally inculcated idea that the Shias avenged some Sunni tribes for the support they rendered to the Takfirists, although the revenge took place, for example, in the Tikrit areas (and not only), but as it turned out, the "avengers" were representatives of other Sunni tribes affected during the rule of the Takfirists and those locals who supported them. Naturally, they have accumulated hatred and thirst for revenge for the former dictatorship and oppression, which representatives of the affected side decided to splash out under the conditions of war. Scientists of the Sunni Endowment Diwan have already stated the prevention of these incidents.

However, Western liberals are not only concerned about the "stories of aggression" in the post-ISIS period: in the media one can find statements about "forcing" Sunnis to cooperation with Baghdad. That is a glaring nonsense: after all, it is already proved that the current conflict is not a war among Madhhabs.

The war with ISIS derives from the problems existing inside the country and the role of external forces in stirring the pot. Under the so-called "victims of forcing" they mean those tribes that either were held hostage by the Takfirists or took the side of official Baghdad from the first days of the war.

From these videos, we can learn from the Sunni of Iraq themselves some details of the events that really took place. Here we find criticism of the sectarian approach and confirmation of active cooperation with the Shia side.

Let us recall that 1920 was of great importance for Iraq: it is the year of the anti-British uprising, in which the Ayatollahs and tribal leaders united to liberate the country from the Western occupation (watch videos 1 and 2).

So, we can observe the selfless and persistent resistance to the lies and enemy propaganda, and these videos are just a small part of the unspoken and deliberately concealed facts of cooperation between the Sunnis and the Shias from the first days of the war in Iraq.

Nevertheless, we should express our great gratitude to those Sunni forces which did not succumb to provocations and false slogans and in the teeth of the enemies, met Shia pro-Islamic forces halfway, proving their loyalty to the Motherland. The same applies to the Shias of Iraq, who did not buy into the tricks of political technologists and special services. Having forgiven some unpleasant historical facts, the Muslims of the Jafarite Madhhab demonstrated "sabre" (patience) and united with the Sunnis on the basis of political Islam and managed to save the country.

In the long run, imperialist propaganda was unable to make Iran and the Palestinians as the main culprits of Iraq's troubles. On the contrary, the unlimited support of the Islamic Republic to the people of Iraq from the first days of the disaster immediately brought positive results. And the fair and widely known idea that the fragmentation of the country will be beneficial to the Zionists helped to unite all the layers of Iraqi society. Therefore, the thirst to help the Palestinians is being awakening in the Iraqi people. Scientists of Iraq have already started to take actions in the Palestinian direction (1 and 2).


Damir Nazarov is a Russian journalist, residing in the city of Tyumen.