An interesting news came from Doha months ago, namely, Qatar has decided to open its embassy in Gaza. What does it all mean? Abdul Halim al-Issawi, the chairperson of the road projects department of the Gaza Restoration Committee, shared the emirate’s plans. Allegedly, the site for the headquarters construction and other minutiae have already been set up. Anticipating the question arises; in case of another Zionist attack, will the aggressors’ air force wipe the Qatari project off the map as well as all other buildings and residential areas at once or bypass, by virtue of solid allied relations, destroying only the Palestinians and only the Palestinian?

There is no sarcasm. The Washington-Ankara-Doha axis puts considerable pressure on the Hamas leadership in order to force them into accepting the conditions for turning Gaza Strip into a trading port; it is just a statement of fact. In return, Hamas will be obliged to make concessions to the Zionists at negotiations on the occupation recognition. Moreover, abandonment of armed struggle, that is disarmament of the military wing of Al-Qassam, control over parties, factions and groups who refuse to recognize these humiliating conditions and complete rupture of relations with the main external allies – “the Axis of Resistance”, as bonuses.

The plan for the port creation was first publicly announced back in 2014. Foreign Minister of Qatar Khalid Al Attiyah, during his speech at the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers, proposed the establishment of a trading port in the Gaza Strip under international control.

The news about the embassy was shortly followed ​​by the refutation of their own word. It turned out that the matter concerns the establishment of a building for the Restoration committee but not an embassy. Just as expected, speculation about aid to Palestinians in the Arab countries continues and is getting ever more artfully tricky.

Despite the fact that Qatar "supports" the Hamas movement, the Zionist government maintained direct contacts with the emirate. In January 2007 the former president of "Israel" Shimon Peres (at that time - the vice-premier) visited Doha. Peres also visited Qatar in 1996 and opened an "Israel" trade mission in that country. Both quasi-states oppose the legitimate government of Syria and build up a joint strategy to overthrow Assad.

An interesting fact, in 2013 Qatar assisted the Zionists in transporting a group of Yemenite Jews to "Israel", as a Lebanese source reported. According to this source, 60 Jewish refugees from Yemen were able to use the transit through Doha to change planes to "Israel".

Since the Cold War, the largest CIA headquarters has been established in Qatar. There is also a regional Middle East unit of the RAND CORPORATION. Not far from Doha there is a huge US military base Al-Udeid.

All these facts are leading the common sense to the conclusion that Qatar a priori can neither be a "friend" of Hamas (in the face of the Palestinian tragedy, it is not a “friendship” issue), nor of the entire Palestinian people.



Ismail Haniyeh, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau, stated that Qatar has approved a $100 million deposit to the Gaza Reconstruction Fund.

The emirate, one of the most loyal States allies, besides providing services to Washington, tries to copy the “Big Devil” policy model.

We all well recall the history of the USSR collapse. Back then, Clinton’s administration through its team (Gaidar, Chubais and the others) perfected the corrupt system in the “new Russia” also by “investing funds for the market economy development.” The States have always acted in this way with their defeated enemies.

Qatar acts almost likewise. Although Gaza is not broken and not crushed, but there is a power crisis. In this connection, Doha decided not just to “buy Hamas,” it is rather naive and banal. Under the pretext of rebuilding Gaza, Qatar (with the help of the Turkish regime) decided to build a corrupt system in the besieged and blocked Gaza Strip and, at the same time, try to “hook” the people of Palestine on subsidies.

The people of Palestine have never come across such an act of aggression in the modern era.


Damir Nazarov is a Russian journalist, residing in the city of Tyumen.