Well, here we go again. And again. And again. The latest round in U.S. sanctions against Iran have been passed and somehow Americans will think they'll somehow benefit from them. No one will ask, “So, President Trump, how exactly does this help Americans whose concerns are about how to make financial ends meet?” Of course, we can see very well that this is another Trump distraction---a Trumpstraction, if you will---designed to make it look as if he's actually doing something besides appointing his kids into government positions.

Iran has nothing to do with the problems of the United States. This is all just typical Donald Trump xenophobia that certainly helped install him into the presidency. The truth is, he didn't win the popular vote and a majority of Americans don't support this nonsense, either. Enough Americans, though, believed in his "America First" scam and those are the people who voted for him believing that scam. Those folks will believe whatever he tells them about Iran and it'll also go a long way towards satisfying Israeli government whiners.

You can count on the United States government to do two things. First, to promise that they'll concentrate on the overwhelming problems here in the United States and then not do so once elected. And, second, to say they want peace in the Middle East but then do things that spark cataclysmic wars in the region where hundreds of thousands die. These two things are what the United States government does and has done since the end of World War Two.

In truth, there are areas of the United States where the vast majority of people live in poverty. The people of the United States do not have a universal health care plan as most European nations have. More people fall into poverty in the United States yearly than rise out of it. How, then, is Iran to blame for any of this?

I am sorry to report that many Americans fall for this scam every time. They believe Iran to be some "threat" because the United States government told them Iran is building a nuclear weapon. Bear in mind, this is the SAME United States government that told them that Iraq was well on the way towards building a nuclear weapon in 2003 and invaded Iraq based on that lie. What we see now is that the American people can be told the SAME lie within a few years of the first and fall for the second just as they did for the first one. Amazing, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the United States takes denial of allegations as proof of guilt. Look, that's what happened to Saddam Hussein. The more he denied he was building a nuclear weapon, the more the United States said that proved he was doing so. This is also how innocent people in the United States were wrongly convicted of crimes they didn't commit and spent twenty years in prison before someone finally admitted the prosecution lied. Who knows how many were executed that may have been innocent?

And, look, the entire invasion of Iraq in 2003 was based on a lie and hundreds of thousands of innocent people died as a result! And here we go again right into another lie with Trump resurrecting the previous lies about Iran to repackage them and sell them as newly-manufactured merchandise of his own fabrication. And why? To cover up the fact the idiot is in there way over his head and hasn't a clue as to how to run this country.

Not that Trump has much of a head to be in over to begin with. He certainly is the most incompetent president in American history. That this man has several aircraft carriers, cruise missile destroyers, and other military weaponry at his fingertips should scare the entire planet. Look at the cruise missiles he launched at Syria over some vague allegations about chemical weapons. So, if he feels Iran is building nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles, what is he likely to do?

The world cannot count on the American people to vote for decent candidates when the candidates selected are all compromised and in bed with defense contractors, Israeli government interests, multinational corporations who have vested interests in overseas wars, and so forth. The world itself is at risk because of the corruption in United States politics and the fact that both political parties are beyond salvaging. The United States is, and remains, the greatest threat to world peace since the Cold War ended. No major superpower this belligerent and warlike has ever existed since the concept of superpowers began after World War Two.

If I had to predict the actions of the United States government within the next two years, I'd say the United States is looking to get into another war in the Middle East just as sure as the sun comes up each day. It might be an attack upon Iran, it might be getting into Syria, or it could be Yemen. It's hard to call at this point. But one thing that isn't hard to predict: The United States WILL get into a war within a couple years.

Remember this: The United States is still at war in the so-called "Global War On Terror". That war will never end. Thus providing the rationale for the United States to begin or enter into any war as it pleases, whenever it pleases, and with whatever reasons it "trumps" up. So to speak...


Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.