We all know that President Trump is a crook. I don't think we need to tire ourselves with pointing out the many facts proving that since he does such an admirable job of proving this all by himself. But what we really need to understand is this: The so-called opposing faction of the Democratic Party has proven themselves to be astonishingly incompetent in opposing him.

First off, they've been chewing this bone about "Russia" and Trump for weeks upon weeks now with infinite promises of impeachment-ready revelations. "The evidence is coming! Just wait! It will be revealed tomorrow! Oh! Former CIA file clerk Jimmy McDingle says Trump is guilty! Look! Over here! This guy knows a guy who knows a guy whose cousin said he overheard a conversation ten years ago between Trump and Putin!" Oh please! Put a sock in it already! Hillary lost! Grow up and get over it!

In the meantime, where are the Democratic Party call-ins to the Supreme Court to reverse the travel ban against Muslims? You know, the REAL thing we have proof of right now? That the travel ban is a real thing, remember? Right. Hillary's bruised ego is more important. On top of that, nothing is being done whatsoever to field some winning candidates for the 2018 elections, to say nothing of a viable challenger for Trump in 2020.

They seem to think beating Trump in 2020 will be easier than taking candy away from a baby. Huh! That's what they thought about the 2016 election and look what happened! They sit there and keep whining about Russia to the extent some have said we're at war with Russia and want war with Russia. And all of this hysteria over Russia and unproven allegations about Russia hacking into the election reminds me of something.

Remember when Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Remember how he said Saddam was building a nuclear weapon? The United States invaded Iraq and a cataclysmic war happened where tens of thousands of Iraqis died. The United States government cannot truthfully tell us how many Iraqis died because of a lie. Because of a lie. And I say it again: Because of a lie.

They say now, "Oh, but the intelligence reports said Saddam was building a nuclear weapon! It was a mistake!" No! A mistake is when you do something that doesn't result in a war that is still causing tens of thousands of deaths to this day. An avoidable tragedy and a war crime is what the Iraq invasion was. And here go the Democrats who claim to know better right into more nonsense founded upon, "Intelligence reports we say exist but won't show anyone because we don't actually have them but know they exist nonetheless prove Russia hacked into the voting process!" No! Not another war for another lie!

The United States is truly playing with fire this time. Russia is not Iraq. Nor is it Syria where U.S. aircraft can fly over, drop bombs with impunity, and return back for a cold soda and TV. Russians can not only shoot down those aircraft, but sink the aircraft carriers they're launched from. But know this: Since the beginning of the Cold War, the United States military has always known it cannot defeat Russia in a conventional war. The use of tactical nuclear weapons was always what was to be used to stem the advance of then-Soviet armor and mechanized infantry in Western Europe if they had invaded.

Nothing has changed. Russia still outnumbers the United States in tanks and troops. Russia has a navy and air force. And thousands of nuclear weapons. I guess the Democratic Party platform now is: "We can start wars based on bogus intelligence as good as the other guys! Vote for us!" Disgusting. Both of the U.S. political parties present a clear danger to world peace and need to be disbanded. And control of the U.S. military needs to be taken away from them before it's too late. Because it's not just Trump here who is proving himself insane. It's the so-called opposition party Democrats, too.


Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.