So, we all heard Monday what we already knew: Donald Trump is a big fat liar. We all knew President Obama did not "tap" Trump's phone. Considering the times (late night/early morning) that Trump sends out these tweets, one almost wonders if it is the phenomena called "drunk dialing". Be that as it may, here's what the more troubling aspect of this entire episode is: This man could conceivably order an attack on another country based on his own false assumptions.

We saw this happen once already with George W. Bush. The world knew Saddam Hussein did not have Nuclear-Biological-Chemical weapons. UN weapons inspector Hans Blix and his crew crawled all over Iraq with a flashlight and a magnifying glass and found NOTHING! But did that stop the United States from invading Iraq on a pack of lies concocted by Bush and others in his administration? No, and that set into motion a chain of events that brings us to where we are today.

What we are seeing right now is another "Perfect Storm" of tragic and absurd United States world "leadership" whereby persons not fit to lead an offshore oil platform are in control of the world's largest military and nuclear arsenal. And we know from the Iraq War that it does not take much to initiate an attack from the United States. We have again a president who uses personal delusions, combined with doctored and bogus intel, to state lies as facts. In the case of Trump, it wasn't even bogus intel that led him to accuse Obama of tapping his phone. He skipped that and went right to crazy.

What will happen when and if Trump "thinks" that, say, Iran has got or is building a nuclear weapon? There are more than a few Republicans on his side that would love to see nothing more than Iran bombed. And, yes, eight years later, after another tragic waste of human life, they'll say, "Gosh, we sure thought Iran had a nuclear weapon! Honest! We really did! We didn't know that they really did not! But you must understand we acted from good intentions! We had reasons to believe they did! We relied on the intelligence we had!" Yes, well, that would suppose one is intelligent to begin with, to say you're using intelligence, right?

Except this time, maybe they won't even need the doctored or bogus intel. They could just go on a tweet from Trump that he read on some alt-right website that Iran has a nuclear weapon and he'll demand war. The rest of the bootlickers, that is to say, his Cabinet members will all rally to his side and defend the lie as a fact. Funny how all these "facts" coming from Trump cannot be proven. Probably because hallucinations cannot be proven as facts. Yes, they're real inside the guy's head. But nowhere else.

I don't think the world fully understands the peril it is in with this guy. This is a guy that just got caught in a major lie and is still defending it as true. The head of the FBI just appeared before Congress and basically said Trump is full of beans and basically lied. But Trump continues to defend the lie! And so do his people! Now they're saying they've got "proof" but they're not going to release it for another vague "couple of weeks". Excuse me, but you don't get to play keep-away with information like that---if you had it. Adults don't do that. Kids do that. The real reason they said this is they're hoping in a couple weeks, people will forget they said it. And the world hasn't slapped their forehead and said, "Wait! This guy is in charge of over 2,600 nuclear weapons! What happens if he suddenly thinks some other country is attacking the United States?!"

Even worse is this scenario: Suppose some bogus intel got floated in to a sympathetic person in Trump's cabinet. And it said Iran is about a week away from fielding a nuclear weapon. What, therefore, will Trump order done immediately without checking to see where the intel came from, what the chain of custody for it was, and if it is even reliable? Because wherever he got the idea that Obama tapped his phone was certainly not reliable. I would imagine that whatever "news" source it came from also runs stories about UFOs, Bigfoot, Elvis Presley sightings, and miraculous weight loss programs using grapefruit. But we've got the President of the United States believing them!

Besides all of that, with a president so willing to believe lies and perpetuate them, what we have is a president who cannot be trusted. And the entire world thinks this will all blow over in four years. Wrong. He hasn't even really got started yet. He's only been in there a couple months and look at the disconnect from reality he has. We haven't seen anything yet. And it's only going to get worse.


Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.