What is WRONG with the United States?!? That question is in the minds of many of us here in the United States, too. In a very real sense, what has happened here is a de facto coup d'état by which one man has managed to seize the reins of the entire government after winning the election. People should bear in mind that Adolf Hitler didn't just waltz into the German government and decide he'd be dictator. He was elected by the German people and then lobbied for that power in order to better deal with "threats". Sound familiar? It should. Unfortunately, many Americans have forgotten that historical fact. Or they were so busy calling Bashar al-Assad in Syria "another Hitler" that they didn't even bargain for the next Hitler-type leader to manifest right here in the good old USA. You know what they say. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And people that live in glass republics shouldn't throw Hitlers.

Now, Dictator McTweet (aka Donald Trump) has yet to come forth with the promised executive order 2.0 that will ban Muslims, again, from entering the United States. Probably because he's now busy with the conflagrations within his administration that his staff did what would have been a treasonable offense a few decades ago. That being, talked to Russian government officials under the table and then lied about it when asked. Oh, right, they don't say "lied". They say "misrepresented the facts" or "misled" the questioners. Oh, come now! I know the United States government loves to coin new phrases to cover up crimes, like when the air force bombs a wedding party or a hospital in Afghanistan and calls that "collateral damage" instead of a war crime. But now they can't even bring themselves to use the words "lie" or "lied" or "lying". Probably because they're so comfortable with doing those things.

Dictator McTweet gave this speech the other day and many Americans swooned with pride. It was all theatrics, of course, complete with bringing the grieving widow of a U.S. serviceman killed during a botched raid in Yemen that wound up killing well over a dozen innocent civilians. Of course, yes, she was used for political grandstanding and tugging the heartstrings of the American people towards Trump who ordered the botched raid in the first place. It pays to know the father of the deceased serviceman refused to attend and isn't that impressed with the fake sympathy of Dictator McTweet.

Dictator McTweet tells us he's going to build the biggest military the United States has ever seen. Which also means the biggest military the world has ever seen, because no one beats the United States on defense spending since the Soviet Union went out of business. One wonders to what end this huge military is being built. I bet we both know: To use. Generally, if one goes to the trouble of installing a new stereo system in one's car, one listens to music in said car, do they not? No one puts the stereo in and says, "Well, it's there if I need it. I don't want to have to listen to music. But if I have to, the stereo is there." Once again, we can see the lies of the United States government. They're not building a huge military just in case some gigantic world empire suddenly manifests out of thin air to challenge the United States. No, the United States wants to be that gigantic world empire, hence the need to build the military that will make that possible.

Dictator McTweet claimed in his speech he's building the wall on the border with Mexico to protect us. Really? Seriously? Does he know that no one goes over the current fence on the border? They tunnel under it. But, of course, the Soviets told the East Germans the Berlin Wall was for their protection, too. Every dictatorship needs a wall to press home the point that every one there will stay there and no one else better come in. I daresay if Trump keeps going, he won't need to pass another executive order to keep out refugees. They won't want to emigrate into a dictatorship. No one will want to come here except the same thrill-seekers that make it a point to go into North Korea. Of course, North Korea doesn't have a Disneyland, so the United States does have that going for it.

Ah, well, such is life here in the United States of Trump. Or the Trump States of America. See, people here said back in 2008, "I don't see how the Republicans could ever pick someone worse than George W. Bush." Yes, well, now we know they can, don't we? Not that the Democrats are doing anything over here but spinning their wheels. Here we are in a dictatorship and they think wearing white to Trump's speech makes a statement. Huh, some statement! I bet those dresses each cost more than the monthly paycheck of the average American. Maybe they ought to try standing up and calling out this clown. No one had the courage to stand up during that speech and call that man the liar and tyrant he is. No, instead, they wore white like it was a wedding or something. If they're going to get into a fashion war with Trump, hey, he's going to win it, right? Besides, this isn't over clothing. It's about human rights and the fact we've had basically what amounts to a coup d'état after he assumed office and the Democrats sit there and act like this is just Ronald Reagan they're dealing with.

This is not Ronald Reagan in there. We've never had a president such as this before. The reason he's gutting the State Department is because it will be him that creates policy as to how the United States deals with other countries. Think about what that means. If he says someone gets bombed, then that's that. If he decides someone is the "enemy", nothing anyone else says can persuade him otherwise. Let's just see how long until he demands the Sudetenland, so to speak.


Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.