In an interview with Muslim Press, Alan Ned Sabrosky said, “As for the two state solution, it is dead, but it has always been nothing more than smoke & mirrors, a fantasy periodically trotted out to confuse, delay and distract.”

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Muslim Press: How would you predict Donald Trump’s foreign policy and his relations with Israel?

Alan Ned Sabrosky: A great deal will depend on the choice for deputy secretary of state, but pending that I would expect President Trump to pursue a more pragmatic foreign policy, looking for areas of cooperation with Russia and with less interest in wars of regime change in the Middle East. He has a host of domestic issues to address, and does not want any needless international crises to distract him from putting America's domestic house in order. On Israel, I expect him to be more supportive than Obama, as much for personal reasons as for political ones. But he is firmly in Israel's camp.

MP: According to reports, Donald Trump’s defence secretary pick, General James Mattis, has warned that Israel was creating 'apartheid' state with Palestine. What’s your take on this?

Alan Ned Sabrosky: Most senior American generals and admirals who have close contacts with the Israelis do not like them, and Secretary Mattis is no exception. He is also very negative about Iran and the accord with Iran, which of course is Israel's position. Mattis will follow the president's lead on Israel, and besides - Israel is not creating an apartheid state, it is one, and has been one since its inception - which is why South Africa today has the largest and most active BDS movement around.

MP: The Head of the Planning and Construction Committee in the Israeli-run Jerusalem municipality explained that settlement building has been frozen for the past two years due to US and international pressure. “Now that Trump [won], I hope he will put Jerusalem as a priority,” said Meir Turgeman. Do you think Israel will be more carefree in building new settlement units as a result of Trump’s presidency?

Alan Ned Sabrosky: I think that what Turgeman meant was that new settlement construction had been frozen; I am not aware of any such condition with respect to existing settlements. Trump's position seems to be that he is indifferent to Israeli settlement construction as long as they do not announce publicly what they are doing, and thus make an issue out of something that need not be one.

MP: What should Palestinians expect of Trump’s presidency? Do you think his presidency could mean an end to two-state solution?

Alan Ned Sabrosky: Palestinians can expect nothing good from Trump's presidency, any more than they could have done had Hillary Clinton won. Oddly enough, about the only contender who might have given them a fair shake - and I emphasize "might" - was Bernie Sanders. No one who can pursue the nomination for president of either major party can win without being bonded to Israel - their lobby (not just AIPAC, but the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, plus media executives and wealthy individuals) will absolutely keep any "Israel heretic" from winning. As for the two state solution, it is dead, but it has always been nothing more than smoke & mirrors, a fantasy periodically trotted out to confuse, delay and distract. Here is what I wrote about it in 2009, and what I said remains true today:


Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year Marine Corps veteran. He served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division, and is a graduate (as a civilian) of the US Army War College.