The so-called "president" of the United States, Dictator McTweet (also known as Donald Trump), seems to think that he can force his way into law like the United States is a company he runs. A courageous federal court has blocked him twice and he still refuses to let go of this issue. Why?

The so-called "president" of the United States, Dictator McTweet (also known as Donald Trump), seems to think that he can force his way into law like the United States is a company he runs. A courageous federal court has blocked him twice and he still refuses to let go of this issue. Why?

The answer is this: The real reason many think Dictator McTweet was elected was because of the economy and jobs. Now, these are two very complex issues that have been problematic in the United States since the 1970s. But Dictator McTweet simply used these issues to get elected. Once in, he can do what any despot does to distract the masses from realizing they've been cheated: Find some other race/ethnicity/religion to blame and get everyone distracted and focused on them. In time, the anger of the despot will be adopted by his supporters and focused from economic injustice onto the new "enemy", that being the targeted group. Okay, very common practice, everyone knows this.

Well, not everyone. Americans forgot this dynamic is how Hitler came to power. But why the focus on Muslims anyway? The first answer to that question is ignorance. By and large, many Americans do not know anything about Islam. But what's more, they refuse to educate themselves or be educated about it in order to better understand it. Many do not know that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all worshipping the same God. Over the years, some hate articles went around the email chain list in America that said Muslims do not worship the same God as Jews and Christians. And this came to be accepted as true by the readers who were, by and large, somewhat uneducated and are not truly capable of critical thinking. See, you have to understand that the state of education in the United States is not the same as much of the rest of the world. The average American high school student would not be able to keep up with the classes of many other nations. And even the United States government admits this. When you have this huge, poorly-educated population, they become quite susceptible to believing whatever they are told.

Because many Americans do not understand Islam, they then fear anyone who is a Muslim. Now, certain Americans fear Islam because they equate Islam with terrorism. But can Islam be charged with the greater crimes of world conflict? The answer is a resounding NO. I will demonstrate this to be historically true. In the 20th century, two world wars were started by Western secular governments. A horrifying genocide was perpetrated by one of them during the Second World War. Tens of millions of people died in both of these world wars. During the Second World War, the United States invented nuclear weapons and used them against two cities, vaporizing hundreds of thousands of human beings. That is how the last combatant in that war was finally defeated. But it doesn't end there.

After the Second World War, the secular government of the United States and the atheist government of the Soviet Union engaged in a Cold War that nearly destroyed the entire planet in a thermonuclear war. And all of that was over a difference in economic systems. What's more, both parties dragged the rest of the world into this conflict and several million more innocent people died as a result. The United States and Soviet Union dragged the Middle East into this conflict. What's more, what the United States calls "Islamic terrorism" was, in fact, created by the United States government to challenge the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. None of this would have happened had the secular government of the United States and the atheist government of the Soviet Union minded their own business and kept their differences to themselves.

How, then, can the deaths of tens of millions of people just become a blip on the radar and Islam suddenly be this great menace? The fact is, Islam is not a threat and never has been. The ones capable of killing millions of people are the Western secular governments. They have demonstrated in the past that they can and will do so in order to project vague political ideas and ambitions. They also control a stockpile of several thousand nuclear weapons and have expressed a willingness to use them if they deem it appropriate to do so. How then can Islam be blamed for this? Islam cannot be blamed. Islam does not teach this. Western secular governments teach this. Western secular governments are the ones who have killed tens of millions of people in the past and will certainly do so in the future should another war break out between them and, say, Russia.

Americans are ignorant of the fact that refugees are fleeing the violence their own government has created. They are blaming the victims. I live in a community where there are lots of refugees. I shop in the same markets. I love the refugees. I welcome them. They add great value to our community. I wish I could say that for some of the Americans born here who have forgotten their own ancestors were immigrants and refugees. They have forgotten how their own ancestors were distrusted. But now that they've come through the door, they want to close it behind them and lock everyone else out. Well, guess what? Most people in the United States came here from somewhere else unless they were Native Americans. Again, these people came here as immigrants (which you can see in Irish, Italian, German, and English last names here) and now that they've got their piece of the pie, they don't want anyone else to have a chance at it. There's a word for that: Selfishness.

People say, "America First!" Excuse me, but no one in other countries was giving a war and then invited the United States to come. The only ones that did that were other Western secular governments in the two world wars. If the United States has been losing money taking care of the rest of the world, it's because the United States decided to do it. Other countries didn't put a gun to America's head and demand help. Or demand America help them fight a civil war. So America needs to hop down off the high horse and quit acting like it's the victim here. And people are afraid of refugees? Yeah, well, read our news. The Americans born here kill each other on a scale that beggars belief. Terrorism here has not matched the number of murders here over drugs alone. More people die in drunk driving accidents and you won't see an alcohol ban. Not that they didn't try that.

Dictator McTweet is merely the biggest sign that the United States is decaying into ruin. If you were already "great" you wouldn't need to say you're going to make America great "again", right? And if this man is the best America has to offer as a leader, what does that say about any pretensions to "greatness"? Not much. How exactly does keeping out refugees make America great? It actually says this: "We're so broke, we can't afford it, but we're too afraid to admit that..." Or, perhaps, "We claim to be so tough but we're actually afraid of 67 year old grandmothers and five-year old children..." Or maybe this: "Our educational system is a shambles because we spent all the money on our military, waging wars all over the planet. As a result, we've got a vastly ignorant population that believes whatever lie we tell them to gain power." It might be all of those, actually. But the truth is not that the refugees are to be feared. They're just the innocent victims of the chaos the United States has spread across the planet.


Jack Perry is a writer who lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. When talking about the ambitions and goals of the United States government, Jack warns: "Always Assume It's A Scam." Jack writes, bakes bread, and is a Path pilgrim and wayfarer of this world.