In an interview with Muslim Press, Paul Edwards describes the recent U.S. presidential election as a “debacle” and “disaster” for both Republicans and Democrats, adding that “the system will never again have the structural rigidity it had attained through years of deception and manipulation.”

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Muslim Press: In our previous discussion you said the American system will never be the same after the election and “that is the only good that can come of this election.” In what way will this election change the American system?

Paul Edwards: Trump was not, in any sense, the consensus choice of the Republican Party. In fact, he was everything that the Republican Establishment dreaded and detested. In winning, he has basically shown that the stupid, false and reactionary clique that owns and controls that Party has neither any discipline that matters, nor any capacity to judge its own long-hoodwinked supporters who, in electing Trump, totally repudiated the McCain/Romney/McConnell/Ryan political bosses.

His election and the defeat of Clinton, coupled with the DNC chicanery against Bernie and her choice of a rightwing hack as VP also showed how astronomically out of touch with its own supposed constituency the Democratic Party was.

In neither case will the two parties ever be taken with the ponderous gravity and wholly undeserved respect they have hitherto commanded from their speart carriers and devotees. The election was a debacle and disaster for both parties, and the model is broken, showed up by flagrant lies and utter incompetence. The system will never again have the structural rigidity it had attained through years of deception and manipulation.

MP: What would Trump’s victory mean for “The Empire”?

Paul Edwards: What Trump’s victory will “mean” for The Empire is absolutely unclear and no one can predict it. What can be said is that it will be very unlike the asinine pomp and circumstance with which The Empire—even cracking, creaking, leaking and failing—paraded and parodied itself before an increasingly incredulous and disbelieving world.

MP: How would the two major parties in the U.S. change during Trump’s tenure?

Paul Edwards: The two major parties, as I outlined above, no longer exist in cogent and recognizable form. They themselves have no idea what they stand for, if anything, beyond a passionate desire to have jobs that pay well and provide a forum for their idiocy.

MP: What’s your assessment of the Green Party and its future?

Paul Edwards: The Green Party has no future in America.

MP: How does the Electoral College relate to democracy?

Paul Edwards: The Electoral College is to democracy as a codpiece is to a Savile Row suit.

MP: John Kerry has urged the new leadership to follow the Obama administration's course in foreign policy. Does that mean continuation of interference in the internal affairs of other countries?

Paul Edwards: John Kerry is a shameless whore, an unprincipled windbag, and a stuffed shirt incompetent, who couldn’t tell you what the Obama administration’s actual foreign policy was if his life depended on it. Of course, what he thinks it is, is to attack and destroy small defenseless countries for the sake of the American arms oligarchy and that policy would have his cynical endorsement, not that anyone cares.


Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: