In an interview with Muslim Press, Professor and Attorney Rahul Manchanda said, “Judaism has as much to do with Extreme Zionism as Islam has to do with Jihadism, or Christianity has to do with the Ku Klux Klan.”

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Muslim Press: What’s your take on Israeli High Court’s decision that permits the force feeding of Palestinian hunger strikers?

Rahul Manchanda: The entire issue presented herein is one of inalienable human rights, civil liberties and civil rights that are ultimately bestowed, not by man but vested in each of us as members of the human race. There is no question that the inhuman treatment of Palestinian hunger strikers and their force feeding thereon is a fundamental deprivation of vested human rights, is a complete and total violation of International Law (United Convention Against Torture) and is at once despicable and only goes to delegitimize the Israeli State, government, and official policy towards the Palestinians. 

MP: Is it in violation of international law?

Rahul Manchanda: Yes as was stated above it is a prima facie violation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture ("UNCAT") as well as the Geneva Convention, if not standard international common law and jurisprudence.

MP: How do you analyze Zionists’ influence in international financial circles?

Rahul Manchanda: Any type of extremism of any variety within any essential function and life force paradigm around the world (whether it is in international finance, water rights, land use rights, agriculture, or any other fundamental basic mode of human sustenance and growth) is of course not desirable because the extremists tend to hijack these precious avenues for their own selfish gain and at the expense of the ones disenfranchised and left out. One only has to see the results of the international financial circles to see where their priorities lie, and who they are beating down in the process. It is absolutely essential that extremism of any hue be driven out of these important arenas of human sustenance at the expense of the oppressed. It is vitally important, just like in every human institution, that inclusiveness is critical and different opinions and voices be given a chance to influence domestic and global policy in all nations, not just a favored few - this is the essence of colonialism, and in a multi-polar, multivariate world, this kind of thinking is no longer acceptable, and is at once outdated, backwards, and defunct.

MP: Is their influence throughout the world in decline or is it growing?  

Rahul Manchanda: Again, as was stated above, with the greater forms and methods of real-time communication through the internet and social media, alternative media outlets not beholden to the Deep State Plutocrat/Oligarch Elite, better organization, constant exposure of secrets, no shortage of whistleblowers, and global populist empowerment, truth is beginning to prevail, while darkness and oppression of any variety and hue is being exposed and eradicated, much like sunlight destroys bacteria or a virus.

MP: Some say that the Jewish religion has nothing to do with Zionism or the state of Israel. How would you address this issue?

Rahul Manchanda: This is true. Judaism has as much to do with Extreme Zionism as Islam has to do with Jihadism, or Christianity has to do with the Ku Klux Klan. They are merely extremist segments of a population, usually borne out of extreme pain, anger, injustice and rage, but they are extremists nonetheless. At the end of the day they do more harm to their originating religion or movement as they injure their own people and cause their own to suffer retaliation by aggrieved parties, races, religions, governments and nations. Extremist groups cause their own originator religions to at once lose credibility, respect, and comity from other nations and religions, and it never works at the end of the day to accomplish any of their goals, merely destroys the hopes and aspirations of their people. 

MP: What’s your take on the Jews that fight against Zionism? Have they been successful?

Rahul Manchanda: The political movement of Zionism, like other "protected class movements," such as extreme feminism, extreme homosexual rights groups, or extreme activist black rights groups (even Muslim Extremism), are merely tools used by the international Deep State Oligarchs and Plutocrats to "do their dirty work." If one digs deep enough, one will find that each and every one of these extremist protected class groups are funded by the exact same people, governments, agencies, banks, families, and corporations, in order to "divide and conquer," and used to destroy or character assassinate those that the Oligarchs/Plutocrat Deep State feel are standing in their way of global hegemony, removal of the People's human rights/civil liberties, and the subjugation of humanity at the expense of only a few at the top. The sooner these "useful idiots" wake up to the fact that they are being used to accomplish the goals of people who would rather see them destroyed at the end of the day, the sooner the world will begin to heal itself and these "hidden hands" will be exposed and rendered impotent and ineffective. We are all members of the Human Race and we should learn to treat each other as such.

MP: How do you analyze the peace efforts? Do you think Israel would change its policies towards Palestinians?

Rahul Manchanda: As long as Extremist elements within the State of Israel are given tons of military equipment, encouragement, money, funding, media support, government support, organized crime support, and banking/corporation support by these Deep State Oligarchs/Plutocrats, ie the Central Bankers of London, while at the same type escaping punishment by international jurisprudence of any kind, there is very little chance that Israel will ever change its policies towards the Palestinians, or any other of their surrounding neighbors in the Middle East and beyond. Israel is a project of the Deep State Plutocrat/Oligarch Elite, and is not envisioned to be a Jewish State - rather they are being used to settle the land, commit war crimes and genocide and ethnic cleansing, ie, "doing the dirty work" of the Oligarch Elite, and once their job is complete, their benefactors will most probably sacrifice them (probably with an equally contrived and false flag war by and between Extreme Zionism and Extreme Islam). It's very very sad, but even the information freely available around the world and on the internet cannot save these imbeciles and fools from mutual destruction.


Professor and Attorney Rahul Manchanda worked for one of the largest law firms in Manhattan where he focused on asbestos litigation. At the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”) in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Manchanda was exposed to international trade law, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and comparisons of the American common law with European civil law. He later worked for one of the largest multi-national law firms in Paris France, Coudert Frères, where he focused primarily on international arbitration, arbitration agreements, the enforcement of foreign arbitration awards against multinational parent corporations, piercing the corporate veil, arbitration venue choice, and foreign policy.