In An interview with Muslim Press, Jack Perry said “A majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton but Trump is president? That's not democracy.”

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Muslim Press: What’s your view on Donald Trump’s victory and its impact on xenophobia in the United States?

Jack Perry: Well, people are using it as an excuse to engage in hate-fueled attacks across the country. These idiots basically think, "Oh, I guess this means we can behave now as we'd really like to but were too cowardly to do so in the past because we thought we were outnumbered." In other words, they think they've got a mandate to do this from the public majority as a whole. They commit these attacks in general when they outnumber the victim or at night when no one sees them. Americans need to get past this thinking that "America is the greatest nation on earth" because, to be quite honest, that's actually the progenitor of the entire xenophobic phenomenon. Because America mistakenly thinks it's the greatest above everyone else, they then think everyone else is lesser than the concept of what they define as "American". Meaning Muslims, immigrants, and so on. Donald Trump panders to this through the "Make America Great Again" slogan. Which, properly defined, actually reads as follows: "Make America Hate Again."

MP: Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser, has said that Islam was a “political ideology” that “hides behind being a religion.” He has also described Islam as a “cancer” and tweeted that fearing Muslims is “rational.” What’s your take on this?

Jack Perry: I could say that when the Emperor Constantine approved Christianity as a state religion for the Roman Empire, it was then a "political ideology that hides behind a religion." Of course, this is ridiculous because we know that Jesus never taught this and the Christian religion, once upon a time, was decidedly non-political. Do political ideologies sometimes use Islam to support their positions? Of course. But let's remember that so does evangelical Christianity within the United States. My gosh, that's how Trump got elected! The evangelicals voted for him en masse and most of their religious figureheads told them to do so. There were Christian churches telling people from the pulpit that voting for Hillary Clinton would be a sin! Generally, people accuse the "other side" of doing what they themselves do. Evangelical Christians financially support Israeli settlers in Palestinian territory and that keeps that violence stoked over there. Now who's supporting terrorism? And why? Because they're trying to provoke Armageddon to basically force the Second Coming of Christ. Excuse me, but how are THOSE people at all rational? Hey, Muslims are not trying to provoke the Third World War over there. Evangelical Christians are.

MP: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the president-elect’s designee for attorney general, has also supported Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants and has suggested that a “toxic ideology” lies at the root of Islam. What does these things tell us about the upcoming Trump presidency?

Jack Perry: The only "toxic ideology" out there is this thinking that America is the "greatest nation on earth" and, ergo, gets to decide the fate of the rest of the world. Why does the United States get to decide who is or is not a legitimate leader of a country, a legitimate government of a country, and what is a legitimate religion on top of all of that? And when those things aren't what America approves, then America thinks it has the right to do a "regime change" and cause cataclysmic wars such as in Iraq and now Syria. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, more will die, and for what? America's ideas of "freedom" and "democracy"? Hey, we haven't got democracy over here! A majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton but Trump is president? That's not democracy. Therefore, what we had here was a "regime change" caused by the Electoral College. Let's talk about the toxic ideology coming from the United States government for a change. Because Islam does not teach this.

MP: There has been an increase in the numbers of anti-Muslim attacks in the United States. Who do you think is responsible for this surge?

Jack Perry: The same people that were showing up carrying guns in front of mosques the past year, protesting Islam. Basically, elements of the extreme Right that voted for Trump, probably the "militia" and "patriot" movements that re-formed during the Obama years. These groups started under the Clinton presidency in opposition to that. These are domestic terrorists and many of them are known to the FBI as such, too. I don't want to name names because I live in a state many of these groups operate openly. I'd rather not attract their attention by naming them. But everyone knows who they are if you do a little research into them. They're all heavily-armed, too, by the way. Then you have the run-of-the-mill lunatics who just hate Muslims because they're different. The week after the 9/11 attacks, a guy walked into a store and shot dead a Sikh down in Phoenix. Because the Sikh was wearing a turban, he assumed the poor man was a Muslim. This is the kind of lack of intelligence we're dealing with over here in the United States. Let's not forget this is, I think, the only country in the world that has stubbornly refused to adopt the metric system. Americans are suspicious of it, don't trust it, and cannot understand it. Now if that's what they think about a system of measurement, just consider the ignorance over here as a whole. That's how a Trump gets elected.

MP: Where do you think Trump would lead the country to?

Jack Perry: I think to economic collapse, losing a major war, and probably to the further breakdown in the cohesiveness of the society as a whole. The man hasn't even took office yet and people over here are sharply divided and distrustful of one another. Tempers flare over simple disagreements and people on both sides are angry. He doesn't need to lead us to anything---he's already led us there. This is basically a civil war without armies. That's what we've got right now. That's how divided America already is. Not that the nation as a whole isn't foundering in ignorance as we can see. But no one wants to admit this. They want to act like Trump came from another planet or something. He didn't. He was drawn from this society. If things are to change, it is America as a whole that needs to change. It needs to start with abandoning this foolish idea that we're somehow better than everyone else, that we're the "greatest nation on earth", and that Islam is somehow "dangerous" when people haven't even read the Quran to form any opinion whatsoever. Trump isn't leading us anywhere. We're already there. We're already foundering in the swamp of ignorance. And this man is going to be in control of about 2,600 active nuclear weapons, too, by the way. The president controls those, not the military. I don't know what to tell the world. The United States is an empire not seen since the Romans. The Soviets never had this kind of power. And Trump loves power. So, I think anyone can do the math. This is not a president, he's an emperor. Along the lines of Caligula or Nero.


Jack Perry is a freelance journalist and writer living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona with his wife. He is a traditional archer, arrowmaklifeand a simple wayfarer and Path pilgrim in this life.