In an interview with Muslim Press, Jim Slattery said "Trump will know that Americans will not tolerate a poor loser. He is already sounding like a whiner which is disgusting to many Americans especially given that he is a very wealthy man."

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Muslim Press: What's your prediction about the upcoming US presidential election? Do you think Hillary has a greater chance of winning?

As a prominent English political leader once observed, “democracy is the worst form of government ever devised by man except for all the rest.”

I predict that Secretary Hillary Clinton will win the U.S. Presidency in a very close election. She will win the popular vote and the electoral vote by small margins.

MP: Do you think the allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump would have great impact on his campaign?

The allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump have had a significant negative effect on Trumps support especially among women. The tape of him making highly offensive remarks about women has also hurt him with women and men.

MP: If Hillary Clinton becomes president, how would the Trump fans react? Is the election likely to get violent?

If Clinton is elected, the Trump supporters will accept the outcome but the political atmosphere in Washington will continue to be intense especially if the FBI investigation of Clinton is reopened based on the new emails discovered on former Congressman Weiner’s computer.

I do not believe there will be violence following this election. I also believe that Trump will accept the outcome of the election especially if the results are decisive which I expect. Trump will know that Americans will not tolerate a poor loser. He is already sounding like a whiner which is disgusting to many Americans especially given that he is a very wealthy man.

MP: Would the next president of the United States follow the footsteps of Barack Obama in the Middle East?

I believe that a President Clinton will seek the advice of many different people as she crafts U.S. policy in the Middle East. I am pleased that Clinton and Kaine both support the Nuclear Deal with Iran and want to see it implemented by both sides. I believe Clinton will pursue improved relations with Iran consistent with the U.S. commitments to the defense of Israel and consistent with obligations to other allies in the region.

I know Clinton urgently wants to find a solution to the tragedy unfolding in Syria. Both Clinton and Kaine are very sincere in their desire to find a peaceful solution to the conflicts in the Middle East. I hope they can find reliable partners in the region to work with them in pursuit of peace.

MP: Trump has warned of World War Three if Clinton becomes president. What's your take on this?

Trump’s rhetoric about World War III if Clinton is elected is highly irresponsible intended to scare American voters. Trump has created concern among many thoughtful American foreign policy leaders with his comments about Putin and his business relationships with Russian oligarchs.

The United States has had some very hotly contested elections throughout its history. But Trump has made this election the most acrimonious in my lifetime!

Our democracy will come through this ugly phase. We will meet the challenges of self- government. History teaches that it is not wise to bet against the United States.


James Charles Slattery is an American politician. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1995 representing Kansas's 2nd congressional district as a Democrat, was the Democratic nominee for governor in 1994 and was the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator in 2008.