Muslim Press has conducted an interview with Paul Edwards, a writer and film-maker in Montana, to discuss the US presidential candidates and their policies.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Muslim Press: What have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama done for African-Americans? Is the black community likely to vote for Hillary?

Paul Edwards: Obama and Clinton have done nothing of consequence for African-Americans. Nothing. The older, softer and more Uncle Tom portion of black people will vote for Clinton as well as a substantial portion of the young who know of and resent his overt racism.

MP: Hillary Clinton has recently criticized Trump for supporting the idea of carrying weapons. What is your opinion?

Paul Edwards: America is a murderous country in which guns are the weapon of choice. Our silly mythology has promoted this and its results are endless murders. Allowing people to carry guns, openly or concealed, panders to this insanity and should be illegal. To address the problem of gun violence is impossible in our current corrupt and sold out system, which is controlled, in this matter, by the rogue and vicious NRA.

MP: What is your prediction of the presidential elections? Which party has a better chance of succeeding and why?

Paul Edwards: I can’t confidently predict an outcome to the Presidential election. Both candidates are rightfully detested as the frauds and criminals they are. Clinton has the backing of virtually the entire Imperial Nomenklatura and the national press and media but Trump’s sick blather connects with the great mass of abused, exploited, and ignored lumpenproletariat, the vast American redneck ignorant Underclass as well as the more racist brutish xenophobic billionaires. It is a disaster, either way, and the American system will never be the same, which is the only good that can come of this election.

MP: Donald Trump's remarks about Putin and Saddam Hussein led 50 former security officials of the Republican Party to call him a dangerous person and say they do not support him. Do you yourself view Trump as a dangerous man?

Paul Edwards: The 50 Republicans are a bad joke. These are the monsters who have propelled The Empire through its military disasters and idiocies into its current state of dysfunction. Trump is reckless, feckless, an unstable and vacuous blowhard who would isolate himself from the Masters of Empire as President. Hillary is the truly dangerous one, a chauvinist zealot and warmonger and eager spear-carrier for the worst elements of American Military and Economic Imperialism.