Muslim Press has conducted an interview with Jack Balkwill, an activist journalist in Virginia, to discuss the upcoming US presidential election and the future of this race.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Muslim Press: The New York Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. What's your take on this?

Jack Balkwill: The New York Times is the establishment paper, giving the opinion of the ruling class and their Corporate Empire. Hillary Clinton and her husband have been handsomely rewarded for selling out the American people during Bill Clinton's presidency, and they are now fabulously wealthy. Most of the corporate media have been behind giving Hillary massive coverage for years, even before she announced her candidacy. As one with a degree in journalism I despise the New York Times and all that it represents, primarily the twisting of the truth on behalf of its masters.

MP: How different would she be compared to Donald Trump?

Jack Balkwill: I believe from her past and her rhetoric that she would be far bloodier than Trump. Trump has at least acknowledged that relations with Russia must be repaired, if only to prevent global, thermonuclear war.

MP: Latest polls show that the two candidates are very close. What's your prediction about the next president of the United States?

Jack Balkwill: I have told friends for more than two years now that Hillary Clinton would be elected as the next president. As we get closer to the election it appears to be even clearer that the establishment has decided on her, the way news media slant opinions her way.

MP: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have met with the prime minister of Israel on Sunday. What do you think about this? How relevant is Netanyahu to US internal affairs?

Jack Balkwill: Sadly, both of these candidates support the government of Israel and its human rights horrors. Neither has spoken out about Palestinian lands stolen by Israel, nor have the fairly addressed the Palestinian issue. Neither has spoken out about Israel's nuclear weapons, although they pretend to be for nuclear non-proliferation.

MP: George H. W. Bush, as a Republican, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. What does that tell us?

Jack Balkwill: The former president is part of the establishment and is voting for the establishment candidate. Photographs show that he and Bill Clinton attended an event in the 1960's with the racist George Wallace. President Bush and Bill Clinton have been friends for a long time. Although Trump donated to Hillary Clinton's campaigns in the past and attended social events with she and her husband, they are now at odds about who will be the next president, so the friendship is delayed (their daughters are close friends). I am reminded of Hillary's 2008 campaign when it appeared she would run against John McCain and her husband wondered out loud how she could campaign against such a close friend as McCain. The Democrats and Republicans who are selected by the establishment to represent them (with millions of dollars in campaign contributions) are all part of one social network.

MP: In your opinion, which candidate has the worst foreign policies, especially regarding the Middle East?

Jack Balkwill: I would say Hillary Clinton would be the worst based on her past (her push for war in Iraq, Libya and Syria to name a few), but I don't feel Trump would be much better. Trump more closely represents the billionaire class who don't care much about anything but enriching themselves, so if they see enrichment from war they will go there. Hillary Clinton is more of a servant of the bankers, defense cheats and polluters, and will do their bidding.


Jack Balkwill has been published from the little read Rectangle, magazine of the English Honor Society, to the (then) millions of readers USA Today and many progressive publications/web sites such as Z Magazine, In These Times, Counterpunch, This Can't Be Happening, Intrepid Report, and Dissident Voice.  He is author of An Attack on the National Security State, about peace activists in prison.