In an interview with Muslim Press, James Perloff, author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, discusses the upcoming US election and the influence that Israel and the Zionist lobby have over American politics.

In what follows, full transcription of the interview has been given.

Muslim Press: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met with Clinton and Trump before their first national debate. What does that tell us about US-Israel relations?

James Perloff: It would normally be regarded as scandalous for the representative of any foreign power to meet with Presidential candidates just before a debate. Imagine, for example, the reaction if Putin had done this. Netanyahu gets away with it because of the unique power that Israel and the Zionist lobby have had for decades over American politics. This influence was demonstrated back in 1948, when Abraham Feinberg, founder of AIPAC, reportedly bribed the incumbent President Harry Truman with $2 million in a suitcase. Subsequently Truman recognized Israel within minutes of its statehood being declared. And that November, Truman won reelection despite polls showing he would overwhelmingly lose—that was the greatest upset in U.S. Presidential election history. If I may give you a link on the modern power of the Israel lobby, I recommend this 10-minute interview with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney The late Congressman James Traficant gave similar accounts.

MP: Donald Trump has promised Netanyahu that he will recognize Jerusalem as the “undivided capital of Israel”. How would this affect Palestinians?

James Perloff: Trump had previously pledged to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. By “undivided” capital, I assumes he means that East Jerusalem, seized during the 1967 war, would be formally recognized as part of Israel. The impact for Palestinians could only be negative. I expect we would increasingly see expulsion of Palestinians, seizure of their properties, and suppression of their rights, since that has consistently been Zionist policy since 1948.

MP: Hillary Clinton says she plans to take the US-Israel relations to the next level. What could that mean?

James Perloff: Hillary has said she wants "to work towards very much strengthening and intensifying our relationship on military matters." It is hard to imagine how the military relationship could be much more intense than it already is. We have just increased military aid to Israel with a $38 billion package. This is insanity—the United States has already spent trillions of dollars on unprovoked wars destabilizing Israel’s neighbors: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Netanyahu should need LESS military aid now, not more. What viable adversaries does Israel have remaining in the region, other than Iran? Clinton has made very belligerent threats toward Iran, as expressed in this 32-second clip: Is this part of what she means by taking U.S.-Israel relations to the next level? Iran is the last domino needed to fall in order to make Israeli domination of its sphere in the Middle East complete.

MP: How would a Trump or Hillary presidency affect Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts?

James Perloff: Both would be negative for Palestinians, because both candidates are openly pro-Israel, and therefore would support negotiations favorable to the Zionists. We have already discussed Trump’s advocacy of an undivided Israeli capital in Jerusalem, and he is the only American celebrity to make a campaign commercial for Netanyahu, aired on Israeli television. However, I cannot imagine a worse President for Palestine, for Americans, or for the world at large, than Hillary Clinton. She is a corrupt, pathological liar. She is devoid of compassion for human life and, as she herself has made clear, she would not hesitate to make war on Israel’s behalf. Her impact on Libya as Secretary of State, and the subsequent chaos in Syria, are tastes of what the Middle East could expect from a Clinton Presidency.

MP: Do you think Netanyahu has become isolated in recent years?

James Perloff: While I know little about Israel’s inner-circle politics, I gather that some of its citizens are embarrassed by Israel’s exposure as a criminal state. Much of this has resulted from social media: for example, smartphones capturing images of the IDF beating civilians, and Palestinian homes being bulldozed. With Israel losing respect internationally, some want Netanyahu to moderate his policies or perhaps even out of office. However, I think the real power, the Rothschild banking dynasty that created Israel, is not intimidated by world opinion, are satisfied with Netanyahu’s performance, and intend keeping him in place. He first became prime minister in 1996, and in 1991 was Israel’s chief spokesman on CNN during the Gulf War of that year. These are indications of his staying power.

MP: What’s your take on human rights violations of the Zionist regime in this era?

James Perloff: Israel is a criminal state. It is not the Israel of the Bible, it is the Israel of Rothschild. The Rothschilds, who have been the driving force behind most of the major wars, including both world wars, were buying Palestinian land as early as 1829. Of course, the 1917 Balfour Declaration, by which Britain promised to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine, was issued to Lord Walter Rothschild. Israel has been the world’s leading sponsor of false-flag terrorism, 9/11 being the most flagrant example, and all of that terrorism has been intended to foment conflict between Christian nations and Muslim nations. Israel’s human rights policies are clearly based on the Talmud, which regards “goys” (all non-Jews) as animals, and this we see expressed in the IDF’s brutal treatment of Palestinians. However, I want to stress that there are many Jews worldwide who do vigorously oppose and protest Israel’s human rights violations.


James Perloff is author of The Shadows of Power, an expose of private influence on American foreign policy that has sold over 100,000 copies, and two books about the evidence against Darwin's theory of evolution, including Tornado in a Junkyard.  He wrote for The New American magazine for nearly three decades. His newest book, Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, is a comprehensive look at the satanic drive for world government. He also wrote the script for Free Mind Films’ latest documentary ShadowRing, released last year, and was the leadoff speaker at the 2015 New York City LibertyFest. His website is