In an interview with, a political commentator, Anna O'Leary, speaks about the efforts of Saudi Arabia and Israel to undermine Iran, and she goes on to expose the Saudis' support of an anti-Iran terrorist organization. Here's the full text of the interview:

MP: A Saudi official has attended an annual meeting of an anti-Iran terrorist group in Paris. What’s your take on this?

Anna O'Leary: After decades of hidden coordination to confront a strong Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia no longer feel the need to hide their friendship. A common purpose has moved them closer. Their shared objective for the past thirty-six years, since the fall of Shah of Iran, has been to create a weaker Iran. The presence of Saudi Arabia's former Chief of Intelligence at an MKO meeting, followed by a visit to Israel by a former Saudi military intelligence officer, Gen. Anwar Eshki, shows they will use any means to weaken Iran.

MP: Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal pledged to stand by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) and supported its efforts against the Iranian establishment. How do you analyze this?

Anna O'Leary: It is a public admission of a decades-old relationship between the Saudis and the MKO. The terrorist group sided with Saddam Hussein in his eight-year war on Iran in the 1980s. In my position with National Commercial Bank, the royal bankers, I travelled to Baghdad with a Saudi delegation during the eight-year war. It is a fact that the Saudis bankrolled that war and that the Americans supplied Iraq with satellite intelligence of Iranian troop movement.     

MP: Do you see the Saudi hostility against Iran reaching a new high? How?

Anna O'Leary: Iran is a peaceful nation and has never started a war during the past 200 years. Saudi Arabia is a loose cannon supported by the United States and in cahoots with Israel. It is an explosive cocktail.  

MP: What measures has the Saudi regime taken in order to fight Iran’s influence in the region and in the world?

Anna O'Leary: Saudi Arabia has made public its close ties with Israel and the MKO terrorist group. At home their ties to Israel will undermine any legitimacy they have to rule in the kingdom, and worldwide their ties to a terrorist organisation will undermine their legitimacy to rule. We are most likely witnessing the beginning of the end of Al Saud rule. 

MP: Iranian Foreign Ministry said the kingdom is using terrorists as a tool to advance its objectives against Muslim countries. What’s your take on this?

Anna O'Leary: Saudi Arabia used terrorists to advance their purpose in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. As Saudi Arabia's ruling family are a tool of the Americans they will be pushed to cooperate with Israel and engage in wars with all of Israel's neighbours. Along the way Al Saud will be eliminated. There is no honour among thieves.


Anna O’Leary lived in the Middle East for seventeen years. Her fascination with the area has continued unabated. Her poetry, fiction and non-fiction are imbued with a sense of the Middle East. Her short story was published in ROPES, and launched at Cúirt 2011. As a journalist she has written for Al She has appeared on the satellite channel, Press TV, as a Middle East commentator. She won a short story prize at K.I.S.S. (Kerry International Summer School) in 1996. Her poetry is published by Kerry Literary and Cultural Centre.