Muslim Press has conducted an interview with William Blum, the founders and editors of the Washington Free Press, the first “alternative” newspaper in the capital. In this interview, Mr. Blum argues that Hillary Clinton's presidency would be worse than Donald Trump's.

He has stated that "If the American presidential election winds up with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, and my passport is confiscated, and I’m somehow FORCED to choose one or the other, or I’m PAID to do so, paid well … I would vote for Trump."

Here's the full text of the interview:

MP: You have said that if you had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you would vote for Trump. Could you explain that? Why is Trump a better president than Clinton?

William Blum: It's primarily in terms of foreign policy. Trump is much less likely to start a war with Russia than Clinton is or to heat up the new cold war that the US is responsible for. Trump also questions why the US continues to remain in NATO, something no Democratic candidate, including Bernie Sanders, would dare to say.

MP: How do you compare Bush and Obama in terms of their wars in the Middle East?

William Blum: Bush's invasion of Iraq is one of the great horrors of history. It's led to great suffering in the Middle East and Europe. Obama's record doesn't have this huge black mark on it, but the man has waged war against 7 different countries. It's shameful that he was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

MP: In your book, America's Deadliest Export: Democracy, you criticize America's motives in spreading democracy. How do you analyze the results of America's imposed democracy for the Middle Eastern people?

William Blum: America has not brought democracy to any country in the Middle East, but it turned two countries -- Libya and Iraq -- that had decent standards of living, free education and medical care, and were secular, into failed states with much religious repression.

MP: What should the American people do to prevent their government from getting involved in wars around the world?

William Blum: It's pretty hopeless by now. All we can do is try to keep things from getting much worse by choosing leaders based on their foreign policy statements. I'm voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party, although she of course has no chance of winning.


William Blum is an author, historian, and U.S. foreign policy critic. He is the author of "Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" and "Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower", among others. Visit his website at: