US Senator Bob Corker has recently criticized Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton for her “disastrous” decisions as secretary of State. How do you analyze her decisions at that time?

*way too broad a question, not least because she was constrained by what Obama wanted to do - she was more of an executive agent than an independent policy maker.

Do you agree with him when he says “she played a central role in really creating a home for where ISIS resides today”?

No. The central role was driven by the Bush administration's ill-conceived invasions of first Afghanistan and then Iraq. Her role during Obama's time was more in the nature of supporting & extending what she (and Obama) inherited.

Is there a link between the emergence of ISIS and Hillary Clinton’s decisions? How?

See above. Which of course depends on just how ISIS came into existence. I still find it fascinating that it has not attacked a single real Israeli target, nor has Israel attacked a real ISIS target. Makes one wonder, no?

Do you think her term as Secretary of State is a disadvantage for her presidential campaign? Why?

It could be, but more for some of her personal misconduct (the email scandal), but only if the Justice department here was willing to seek an indictment, and I do not expect that to happen before the US election - and if she wins, not ever.

How do you analyze her policies in Libya?

Catastrophic for Libya and that part of North Africa, but very much on a par with what has happened under her predecessors in the Clinton & Bush administrations, and Kerry now. The US has essentially blundered around as Israel's "800 pound gorilla," savaging Israel's enemies (and they are many, for good reasons) and leaving every place worse than before we intervened. If she is elected president, I expect her to be the best US president Israel has ever owned. Trump less so, because his ego will not take lightly the strong-arm tactics so favored by AIPAC.


Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year Marine Corps veteran. He served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division, and is a graduate (as a civilian) of the US Army War College.