Despite the fact that ISIS has threatened Hamas, Israeli Intelligence minister Israel Katz said there was “cooperation” between Hamas and ISIS. What’s your opinion about this?

I tend not to take any Israeli statements seriously. Monitoring Israeli politics for 2 decades has taught me that lying for the cause is a kosher procedure. Israel attributes the ‘Isis’ title to its enemies in order to buy sympathy from the West.  

Although some European countries are worried that at any moment ISIS might attack their countries, Israel does not seem to be worrying too much about that. What makes Israel safe against ISIS attacks?

This is true and it does not surprise me. If I were amongst Isis’ military decision makers I would want to avoid Israel at this stage. Isis’ present objectives are to expand within Islamic societies. Why should Isis pick a fight with Israel at this stage?  Also, at the moment, Isis is struggling to survive the battlefield and defend its own capital. 

I also want to mention that some respected commentators insist that Isis is, in fact, an Israeli creation. This would be another possible answer to your question, but I am not in any position to access whether this is the case.    

Is it fair to say that ISIS and Israel share the same interests in the region? How to you analyze the instability in the Middle East and its impact on Israel?

I argue that Israel and Isis are selling similar products. 

In the last 50 years the West has been subject to an invasive political ideology. I am referring to cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is largely a Jewish left political school of thought that was designed to break society into a myriad of sectarian synagogues.  It tried to break working people and national inclinations. It taught us to talk ‘as a’: as a Jew, as a black, as a lesbian, as a Muslim, and so on. Instead of being one people we became a collection of isolated sectors all in the cause of correctness and fake tolerance. 

Israel was the first to grasp that Cultural Marxism is a total disaster. It challenged diaspora Jews; it asked them what does it mean to speak or to think ‘as a Jew’? Israel proclaimed rather than talking ‘As a Jew’ come to Israel and ‘Be a Jew’. Many Jewish youngsters bought into the idea, many more still do. They travel to Israel, join the IDF and celebrating ‘being Jewish’ by terrorising innocent Palestinians. 

Isis is selling essentially the same product. It tells its young followers in Europe rather than speaking ‘as a Muslim’ come to Syria and ‘Be a Muslim.’

 I prefer, at this stage, to avoid the crucial question whether the Jewish State really  represent Judaism or Isis represents Islam.

 Interestingly enough the Jews who return to Britain or France after  ‘being Jews’ for 3 years by serving in the IDF and occasionally being involved in colossal war crimes are free to re enter society and pursue their lives. I don’t have to tell you what happen to Isis combatants when they come back to Europe. 

It is crucial to mention that fatigue of cultural Marxism isn’t just Jewish or Muslim. Most Europeans are expressing their fatigue of this disastrous ideology. The Scotts told the Brits, rather than thinking ‘as Scots’ we much prefer to be Scots. The Brexit polls also suggest that many British people are tired of fake Euro-ism… they prefer to be Brits.  

Back to your question. I see Israeli and Isis metaphysics as equivalent. They share more than anyone in Isis or in Israel is willing to admit.  

How is the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel? Are they really archenemies or do they share the same interests in the Middle East?

There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia and Israel share some interests (Iran being the common enemy for instance). I do not think that any commentators see Saudi Arabia as the archenemy of Israel. 


Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born British jazz saxophonist, novelist, political activist and writer. His criticisms of Zionism, Jewish identity, and Judaism, as well as his controversial views on Holocaust denial and Jewish history, have led to allegations of antisemitism and racism from both Zionists and leading anti-Zionists.