There is one specific requirement with a false flag event -  YOU HAVE TO GET AWAY WITH IT! Even if the entire operation is a resounding success, being found out means failure. Now the only way to pretty much guarantee this is if you're certain no meaningful investigation will ever take place. No one must delve anywhere near the truth. Therefore total control over the entire mass-media is essential, indeed a prerequisite for a successful false flag operation. Anyone can become a terrorist but if the Police and media are free to investigate, it's a shoe in you'll be caught. Therefore, it goes without saying - the only people capable of pulling off 9/11 or any major false flag event are those who know the media will cover their back. No terrorist would even consider 9/11 because it's impossible for even if they managed to hijack 4 planes, US civil air defense would kick in. No plane would get near downtown Manhattan. It's unequivocal - each and every media baron has to be either directly or indirectly linked to the true terrorists behind 9/11.

In 1967 the 6 day war erupted in the Middle East! True to form the Israelis claimed they were being attacked from all sides! Let's for now forget that even back then no Arab nation would ever dream of attacking Israel, for not only did it possess far superior weaponry than all their Arab neighbors but America had their back! This is the truth but the media never mentions this because their aim is to fool the uninitiated into believing Israel really is the victim. So, let's forget all this! The big giveaway in this 6 day war is, after Israel was supposedly attacked from all sides, at the end, they'd taken control of the Sinai Desert from Egypt, which alone effectively tripled Israel's land mass, the Golan Heights from Syria & what was left of Palestinian land had suddenly, dramatically shrunk, including the loss of Jerusalem! Incredible how anyone could be so daft to believe Israel was attacked by anyone! Yet all we ever hear is "THEY'RE KILLING OUR VIMIN & OUR CHILDREN! THEY VUNT TO VIPE US OFF THE MAP!" Moreover, the Israelis made it abundantly clear - Jerusalem was their's for keeps! I mean you cannot make this up! They just stole it....... oh but they were only defending themselves!

What a ridiculous world we live in! We are in the space age! Our scientific & technological achievements have been staggering, yet we are spoon-fed a diet of drivel so that many of us actually believe Israel's ludicrous claims. Worse still, the unbelievable pain & suffering endured by millions of Palestinians, who've never done any harm to Jews, ARE NONETHELESS REFERRED TO AS TERRORISTS! How's this possible? Were the French Resistance looked upon as terrorists in WW III when they fought their Nazi occupiers? Well, how on earth can the Palestinians be labeled terrorists when the Israelis are occupying their land? Moreover, you cannot be defending yourself when you are the occupier! Small wonder, for over 40 years I've felt this outrageous injustice was compounded by the undeniable fact that the Israelis not only are the terrorists but THE GREATEST TERRORISTS ON THE PLANET!

You see, something else happened in 1967. Such is the ungodly level of Zionist deceit, delusion & greed, there was a far more grandiose, altogether more sinister plan! At the time Egypt was Israel's greatest foe, so what if somehow the US could be brought into the conflict because they were fooled into believing Egypt committed an act of war against them? The trouble with this - it quite literally meant Israel had to be prepared to commit an act of such immorality, if the truth ever emerged, Americans would demand the immediate nuclear annihilation of Israel! Yet these delusional Israelis didn't care about the distinct possibility that an enraged America may respond first & ask questions later! If they had, the people of Cairo would have discovered how the people of Hiroshima & Nagasaki had once felt. This to me shows just how evil the Israelis are. They wanted America to nuke Egypt!

Nevertheless, hard as I try, I'm lost for words for how they actually gave this plan the green light. The Israeli air-force was dispatched not to seek an enemy target but their greatest ally. An unarmed American reconnaissance ship called the USS Liberty was singled out. The pilots went in for the kill knowing they were attacking US sailors. Radio transmissions revealed the Liberty immediately sent out distress signals stating exactly who they were. They thought the Israelis had simply made a mistake, after all this was a war zone. Their hearts must have sank when the Israeli planes came in again & again & again. For two hours this defenseless ship was pounded. Quite how it never sank is a miracle. 34 US sailors lost their lives; 171 were injured, many suffering serious injuries. Yet such was Zionist power even back then, the whole sordid episode was covered up. Of course this could never have happened if the entire mainstream media was not Zionist controlled. The significance of the JFK assassination becomes evident when you see how much Israel gained just 4 years later.

Today is the 49th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty. If the truth about 9/11 ever comes to light Americans will realise they paid an almighty price because their own politicians chose to cover up this heinous act in 1967. Had Israel been held to account, I'm in no doubt they would never have even thought about trying to realise Oded Yinon's 1982 plan to create Greater Israel. This is why 9/11 occurred & all the chaos & mayhem ever since is a result of this.


Michael Aydinian is a political analyst, a freelance writer and a severe critic of corporate media. He is currently living in the UK.