General Qassem Suleimani : "weren't it for Iran's support , ISIS would have spread its rule over the whole of Syria. " . What is certain - added Suleimani- is that Iran has won on all the battlegrounds of the region. Suleimani said that Ansarullah succeeded in proving themselves and having the Saudis recognize them as a force on the ground.


As usual, in a few words, General Suleimani summed up the whole situation saying that whatever Syria is encountering in terms of deterioration of the general situation in Syria and of the absence of any solution in the near future is not work of Iran , because as much as it has been allowed to do in Syria , Iran has succeeded in it, and has won all the battles meant to be won in which Iran engaged according to Syrian and Russian terms . Iran has successfully fulfilled its duties as usual, and cannot be blamed for any shortcomings . Not only this, but it is Iran who saved Syria, and, weren't it for Iran , ISIS would have taken the whole of Syria by now. Therefore , Iran is not responsible for the fiasco in Syria but it is thanks to Iran that Syria is still holding together. And this is very true.


Another message sent by general Suleimani is that Syria should prove itself on the ground, and not rely on this or that, or hide behind other forces. It should behave like Ansarullah , and assume the whole responsibility, and be up to this responsibility, something that Syria is not doing because it is relying on others, and it is Russia that is negotiating in the name of Syria , in Geneva or Vienna , while Ansarullah are directly negotiating with their opponents after they proved themselves on the ground as a legitimate power.


Many lessons Syria could draw from Suleimani's comments that will benefit Syria and the allies of Syria . Meanwhile , whether Iran or Hizbullah , they will have to handle the Syrian matter and their presence in Syria with caution so as not to drown in the Syrian quick sands where Syria is drowning .