Zahar says, “resistance's weapons are aimed at our enemies. We have steady relations with Iran.” The member of the Political Office of Hamas, Mahmoud Al Zahar, emphasized on his party’s agreement with the Iranian stance, which has supported the resistance in Palestine for very long. He also stressed that Iran has always supported resistance.

Muslimpress: In a special announcement by Al Zahar in the anniversary of International Quds Day mentions, the trifle attempts of provoking the relations between the Palestinian Resistance and Iran do not meet the interest of the Palestinian cause but rather serves the goals and agenda of the Zionist enemy in the first place. 

One more time, Zahar clarified that his party, for many times, asked the world to understand the real destination and agenda of Hamas that is strictly related to the resistance in Palestine. Moreover, Hamas has convinced many countries that they were not part of their interior conflicts indicating that Iran was one of the countries, which understood this point of view clearly. 

“If our weapons were aimed towards other case than the Palestinian cause, our case would be lost forever. Other experiences of other parties proof my words here. We want our weapons focused on our enemy.” He added.

“We don’t want to participate in the game of regional hubs and we want from all countries to support our Palestinian Cause. In addition, we are not a tool to be used outside Palestine” he added indicating that the Zionist enemy does not only threat the Palestinian Territories and take over it but also threats the Arab and Islamic area. 

In what is relating to Israeli assaults on Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque, Zahar pointed that these assaults has come to a serious and dangerous stage. Meanwhile, the citizens of Quds are being manipulated in order to buy their houses in cracked way for the Israeli side. There is also an obvious statement to divide Al Aqsa Mosque temporally and spatially which was an intrinsic factor to up rise again for a third Intifada. 


Zahar pointed to the importance of International Quds Day saying, “ it is truly amazing to remind the Arab and Islamic nations of Quds along with foreign countries. Quds is not an Israeli city, and Quds is not a Jewish Temple.” He added that Muslims and Arabs should spend every effort to stand against occupation and dividing Al Aqsa Mosque for real not with media propaganda. 

He elaborated, “We need to create a platform for the resistance to free Palestine, and the local status is not suitable for the Palestinian Cause. Thus, it is quite important Al Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian Cause,” also praising the role of Iran in International Quds Day. 

In the topic of Arab-Israeli relationships, Zahar expressed that he is unpleased with these relationships as they take a new path affecting the Palestinians negatively. Furthermore, he mentioned that secretive normalization of relations forms danger on Palestine and Arab countries. In addition, he said that these relations would not benefit these countries as the history of occupations confirms this fact. 

In this context, Zahar stated that the Zionist enemy has not guaranteed agreement. If the interests of Israel conflicted with interests of Arabs, they would prefer their own interest indicating that the history of Jews proofs his facts. He mentioned that Jews in German and French were full of betrayal for Europe itself. Hence, the Jews were exiled from Europe due to their disloyalty and breaking oaths. Moreover, he emphasized that the relations will result in damages, distress and grief and they will not offer any chance for the countries but rather increase their involvement in continuous betrayal for Al Aqsa and the Palestinian Cause. 

Zahar commented on the last agreement between Turkey and Israel clarifying that his party is afraid of Israeli demonstrations related to their security and their closure to Karm Abu Salem crossing point. The Israeli side also prevents any other aids than the Turkish. Zahar described this as a process of crossing the Turkish-Israeli agreement. Thus, Zahar emphasized that this will worsen the situation in the Gaza Strip. 

He also continued, “We are asking Turkey to put some pressure on the occupation to provide facilities on Karam Abu Salm crossing point. It is better than to keep the control with the Israeli side. We also ask Turkey to break this siege on Gaza and establish a port after what have cost us an arm and a leg.” He also mentioned that this is similar to Marmara’s martyrs case and emphasizing in the same time that the agreement did not offer anything about breaking the siege. The agreement included managing this siege the way the occupations used to do by not allowing essential products enter the Gaza Strip  

He also mentioned that Hamas is looking forward to seeing what future holds from the Turkish-Israeli agreement. He emphasized that his party doubts the occupation’s government intentions to decrease the siege on the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, he said that the agreement does not meet nor fulfill the ambitions of the Palestinian People that was sieged and looking forward to breaking this siege completely. The last ten years made the people in a great need for a comprehensive agreement. It is not about a meeting that gives the Israeli side the freedom to open and close the crossing borders preventing essential materials from entering the Gaza strip like cement and building materials. 

In a different aspect, Zahar stated that the Zionist threats for Hamas leaders reflects real political crises inside the Zionist country. He added that Avigdor Lieberman is trying to raise his expectations. However, he did forget his government demanding ceasefire from the very first week in the war of 2014.

He added that the government of the Israeli occupation knows the military power of Hamas. They also know that they are able to be painful more than ever. He continued, “In Hamas we distinguish between nonsense of the occupation leader and realist speeches. Reality shows that Liberman is not able to execute his threats.” He clarified, “ The leadership of Resistance and especially Hamas has got used to this kind of threats from Liberman and other generals of war so that the leaders of Hamas are ready to best and worst case scenario.”   

Zahar said that Iran is welcoming the relationship and collaborative work between Hezballah and Hamas indicating that his party is interested in all kind of good relationships though visions are different. He said that they understand the needs of each side so that we can deal with them. Hamas is only seeking the support of people to resistance. 

He completed, “we seek to keep good and strong relationships that serves the Palestinian Cause and its brave resistance. I call upon everyone to support the Palestinian Resistance. We do not need any part to affect the value of security and political support.” He also confirmed that Hezballah did not ask from Hamas any stand that is related to the circumstances in the local area. 

Zahar asked the Iranian people to share their leaders support of Palestinian resistance asserting that Iran is not safe from Israel betrayal and the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip is the first defense line against Israel. Israel is trying to hit and damage Arab and Islamic countries as well and resistance in Gaza is failing these plans by the Israeli day by day. He further asked for supporting the Palestinian people because it is an Islamic and humanitarian duty especially in the wake of hard attacks on the city of Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque. He added and emphasized that the message, which reaches the Palestinians, will keep them holding on more in the face of these evil schemes by Zionists.