At least 7 are people killed in shooting as presidential elections begin in Philippines.

At least seven people were shot dead and another injured in a shooting incident on Monday as Filipinos chose a new president, local police report.

The unidentified perpetrators fired at the car and two bikes before the polls opened. Chief Inspector Jonathan del Rosario, who is responsible for security issues at the elections, said the assault took place in the province of Cavite, located some 21 kilometers (13 miles) south of the country’s capital, which is considered to be a troubled area due to heightened political tensions.

There has been no information as to the motives for the crime so far. Overall, 15 people have lost their lives in the Philippines due to politically-motivated violence this year, among them a mayoral candidate in the town of Lantapan, Armando Ceballos, who was slain by a trespasser.