A video from back in 2014 recently resurfaced in Arab social media, featuring Kuwaiti MP Mohammad al-Jabri, and al-Arabiyah news anchor Suheir al-Qaysi laughing at his statement.

In his statement to the press, al-Jabri came out asking authorities to put an end to a poetry night to be held at a hotel in Kuwait, honoring famous Persian philosopher and poet Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, and calling authorities to stop him. He also says that such events only serve to teach women dancing and pagan rituals that come from "God knows where."

"I demand that the Interior Minister interfere at once to stop such events from taking place," he said, adding "I have provided the time of the event, and its place, and the perpetrator behind it who goes by the name [looking at the paper] Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, whose life, philosophy, and poetry will be discussed at the event."

Jalal Al-Din al-Rumi was a famous poet, philosopher, and gnostic, who died in 1273, which explains the al-Arabiya anchor's laughter at the MP's statement.

The Al-Arabiyah Video

The Original Video