(Muslim Press) - Saudi Arabia has restricted its religious forces from detaining people, while urging them to be kind and gentle in enforcing Islamic rules. Saudi religious forces will not be allowed to arrest people anymore and must report those who break the law to police, according to changes approved by the Saudi cabinet on Wednesday. The Mutawaa or the officers of the Haia force "must carry out the duties of encouraging virtue and forbidding vice by advising kindly and gently" under the new rules, the official Saudi Press Agency said. "Neither the heads nor members of the Haia are to stop or arrest or chase people or ask for their IDs or follow them - that is considered the jurisdiction of the police or the drug unit," the new regulations say. Saudi religious police is responsible for enforcing the regime's reading of Islamic law which includes segregation of the sexes, and ensuring that women cover themselves properly - meaning head-to-toe hijab - when in public. Religious policemen were allowed to arrest people using alcohol or drugs and some other offences prior to the new regulations.