The Iranian deputy minister of culture and Islamic guidance, Mohammad Reza Heshmati, proclaimed the activity of over 5,000 Quran institutions in his country. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, has earlier exhorted the Iranian Muslim nation to produce 10 million Hafiz. Islamic Republic of Iran as a pioneer example of religious democracy has implemented and disseminated Quranic teachings in the Iranian society since the victory of Iranian revolution in 1979. Iranian government has translated the sacred book of Islam to many different languages and sent copies to Iranian diplomatic posts throughout the world. Iran also has hosted several symposiums concerning Quran and its lofty teachings. Iran also will hold –in the coming new Iranian year– the 33th international Holy Quran competitions and 39th national annual contest. Iranian universities have a strong presence in the Holy Quran conferences. Iranian medical community for example has alone formed separate institutions, holding dozens of meetings in the review and interpretation of Quranic texts. Tehran's 24th International Quran Exhibition is being advertised in Iranian mass media. During the previous exhibition, hundreds of books with new and interesting titles were displayed to the public.