Muslimpress:Islam is a religion that has plan for everything and is believed to be the best plan for life on the earth so what is Islam’s plan for playing sports for male and female Muslims.It is permissible to play sports and to be a sportsperson; and it is Sunnah to play some sports. However, it is necessary to cover the parts of the body that are obligatory to cover, not to commit any harams, not to play sports together with the opposite gender(men and women at the same place and time) and not to miss any prayers. That is, it is permissible to play sports but it depends on the way it is carried out. Since sport is defined as ‘physical activities in the form of games, competitions and races that aim to improve fitness’, nobody can avoid sport regardless of age and state; everybody is engaged in some kind of sport somehow; everybody plays sports or is somehow interested in some kind of sport. Sport activities that date back to the beginning of the humankind have assumed very different dimensions today; sport has become an international activity, a universal language and a means of publicity. Every nation has started to speak that common language. Sport has increased its range quite a lot with the support of mass media like TV and the internet. When we look at sport in terms of life and belief discipline, it has a tradition and past that it is based on. When its past is examined within the framework of Islam, it will be seen that it has binding aspects. The main sports that our Prophet was personally engaged in, encouraged others and stated the principles of are as follows: wrestling, running, competition, horseracing, camel racing, swimming and archery; he watched these activities individually and in groups, and rewarded the ones that won. For instance, in order to become a Muslim, Rukana b. Abdulyazid, one of the famous wrestlers of that age, laid it down as a condition for our Prophet to beat him in wrestling; our Prophet beat him several times. Thereupon, Rukana became a Muslim. Moreover, archery has a significant place in Sunnah as a sport of war and a tool of jihad. Our Prophet stated the following, “All of you should be engaged in shooting arrows”. On another occasion, when the Prophet was told that a group of Companions went somewhere for fun, the Prophet expressed some discontent at first; however, when he was told that they went for shooting arrows, he said, “Archery is not entertainment. It is the best thing that you do for entertainment. ” The prophet stated that sport would ease a person psychologically by saying, “When you are overwhelmed by sorrow and distress, you can do nothing but take your bow and arrow to overcome it. ” In another case, the Messenger of Allah met a group of people who were competing in archery from Bani Aslam. He said to them, “O Sons of Ismail! Shoot your arrows; your ancestors were good at archery. Shoot! I support such and such tribe” Also, according to the statement of Ibn Umar, the Messenger of Allah would train his horse and then take part in competitions with it. Saying, “There are presents for three things: Camel racing, horse racing and archery”, the Prophet rewarded the winners of the races, encouraging others. The Quran praises the horse, which is originally an element of jihad, in a very nice way. The horses are described as follows in the first five verses of the chapter al - Adiyat:“By the(Steeds) that run, with panting(breath), and strike sparks of fire, and push home the charge in the morning, and raise the dust in clouds the while, and penetrate forthwith into the midst(of the foe) en masse― …” This is while, our Prophet learned how to swim in Madinah during his childhood; he encouraged the Companions who migrated to Abyssinia during the Meccan Period; he stated that he was pleased with those who knew how to swim. Hazrat Umar emphasized the importance of swimming by saying, “Teach your children how to swim.” Besides, in all kinds of sports that are present in the Sunnah, there exist general Islamic criteria. Acts that will cause grudge, hatred and animosity are not allowed in the races and games. In archery and horseracing, both the winners and losers are taken into consideration; those who rank in the competition are given prizes and the losers are asked to make efforts. Those races never turn to gambling. Apart from the benefits we have mentioned, sport gives man determination to live, enthusiasm for worshipping and working, and a piece of mind. It develops certain abilities of man. It enables young people to let off steam. It can be used as a means of conveying the message of Islam. The belief, ethics and lifestyle of a sportsman who has religious and spiritual values can serve as a good example for young people.