Leader of Iran ' s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has called for the establishment of a modern Islamic civilization. Ayatollah Khamenei made the call in a meeting with Iranian officials and participants at the Islamic Unity Conference.He made the remarks on Tuesday on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) and Imam Jaafar Sadeq, observed on the 17th of Rabi ul - Awal on the lunar calendar, falling on December 29 this year. The event was attended by Iranian officials, foreign guests participating in the Islamic Unity Conference, ambassadors of Muslim countries and a group of people from different walks of life. In this meeting, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution offered felicitations on the birthday of the Great Messenger of Islam(PBUH) and Imam Jaafar Sadeq. Referring to the fact that the emergence of Islam and the birth and ordainment of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) instilled the essence of life and real spirituality, and revived the dead and pest - stricken world of paganism, Ayatollah Khamenei said the most important task assigned today to the Muslim world, particularly genuine scholars and intellectuals, is to make “serious and brave efforts” to breathe the genuine essence of Islam and spirituality into a world replete with injustice, discrimination and brutality. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted: “Today, it is the Muslim world’s turn to move in the direction of developing a ‘modern Islamic civilization’ by applying science and global tools as well as reason and wisdom and prudence and insight. ” Ayatollah Khamenei said observing the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the minimum expectation from the Muslim world, adding: “Today, the Islamic Ummah’s task is not limited to marking the birthday or ordainment of the Messenger of Islam(PBUH), but the Muslim world must focus its efforts on reaching a modern Islamic civilization. ” “A modern Islamic civilization does not mean encroachment upon territories, trampling the rights of human beings underfoot and imposing one’s own ethics and culture upon nations, like what the Western civilization did; but it means granting divine virtue to humanity and laying the groundwork for humans to identify the right path, ” said Ayatollah Khamenei. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the West has been using the knowledge and philosophy of the Muslim world to lay the foundation for its civilization, noting: “Although this civilization presented alluring manifestations of technology, rapidity, convenience and different life tools, it did not bring happiness, bliss and justice for humanity and it is also struggling with contradiction within itself. ”Recommended:Iran’s Leader calls on Muslim nations to unite against enemies“In spite of its gaudy appearance, the Western civilization is morally corrupt and spiritually empty to the extent that the Westerners are themselves acknowledging this fact, ” Ayatollah Khamenei said. Noting that it is the Muslim world’s turn to take steps towards laying the foundation for a modern Islamic civilization, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “To achieve that end, one should not pin his hopes on politicians in the Muslim world; but rather, religious scholars and genuine intellectuals whose reference is not the West ought to enlighten the Islamic Ummah and must know that founding such a civilization is possible. ” Great potentials of the Muslim world Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the potentialities and capabilities of the Muslim world, including good land, a unique geographical location, abundant natural resources and talented human resources, saying: “If these potentialities are mixed with the real teachings of Islam, the Islamic Ummah could realize its artistic creations in the domains of science, politics and technology as well as social arenas. ” The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the Islamic Republic of Iran’s establishment is an example of the possibility of realizing these major objectives, adding: “Before the victory[in 1979] of the Islamic Revolution, Iran was scientifically, politically and socially backward, politically isolated and a fully dependent country in terms of[social] norms, but thanks to Islam, the Iranian nation has demonstrated its identity and nature and the country has made significant progress in science and technology and modern knowledge and is among several top countries in these fields. ” Ayatollah Khamenei said this example could be generalized to the whole of Muslim world, noting: “Reaching this position requires conditions under which the heavy shadow of superpowers must stop looming over nations. Of course, it’s costly because reaching great objectives is not possible without paying heavy costs. ” The Leader of the Islamic Revolution reiterated the fact that unlike in the Western civilization, in the Islamic civilization, no country is forced to accept dominance, adding: “In laying the foundation for a modern Islamic civilization, we should not look to the Westerners and we should not pay attention to their smiles and grimaces, but we should move on the correct path by relying on our own capabilities and potentialities. ”Enemies create divisions among MuslimsAyatollah Khamenei said one of enemies’ tools to prevent the formation of a modern Islamic civilization is to create divisions among Muslims, adding: “Since the issue of Shia and Sunni was brought up in the words and comments of American officials and politicians, pundits and theorists have started to get worried because it was clear that they(the Americans) were after a new conspiracy more dangerous than[the ones] before. ” Reiterating that the Americans are opposed to Islam in principle and that one should not be fooled by their remarks in support of some sects, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “The comments by the former US president[George W. Bush] following the September 11[2001] incident about a Crusade was in fact indicative of the hegemonic power’s war on Islam. ” The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the remarks by current US officials about their agreement with Islam are unreal and a sign of their hypocrisy, adding: “Incumbent US officials are opposed to Islam in principle and despite their remarks, they seek to sow discord among Muslims an example of which is the creation of terrorist sects like Daesh(ISIS) and other sects that have been created with money[provided] by US affiliates and their political assistance; they have given rise to the current catastrophes in the Muslim world. ” Reiterating that US officials’ remarks about their agreement with Sunnism and their opposition to Shiism are false, Ayatollah Khamenei said: “Weren’t the Gazan people who were attacked like that[by Israeli forces] Sunnis, or aren’t the West Bank people who are under such[heavy] pressure Sunnis? ” Referring to remarks by an American politician that “Islamism is the enemy of the US, ” the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “For the Americans, there is no difference between Shiites and Sunnis. They are opposed to any Muslim who intends to live based on Islamic teachings and rules and struggles for that. ”US opposes Muslims who abide by IslamThe Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the Americans’ main problem with Muslims is the latter’s adherence to and abidance by Islamic teachings and instructions and their efforts to found a modern Islamic civilization, adding: “That is why when the Islamic Awakening started they panicked and got worried and sought to contain it, and they managed[to do so] in certain countries, but the Islamic Awakening is indestructible and it will reach its objectives by God’s grace. Ayatollah Khamenei said the main objective followed by the hegemonic powers’ front is to trigger civil war among Muslims and destroy infrastructure in Muslim countries like Syria, Yemen and Libya, adding: “One should not remain silent in the face of this conspiracy and should not surrender, but one should stand against plots by acquiring insight and maintaining perseverance. ” Criticizing the Muslim world for its silence in the face of the continuation of pressure on Muslims in Bahrain, nearly one year of round - the - clock bombing of Yemen, and the situation in Syria and Iraq, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the recent events in Nigeria and said: “Why is the Muslim world silent when such a disaster has been brought upon a competent and faithful sheikh(Shiite cleric Ibrahim al - Zakzaky who is being held incommunicado in military detention) who seeks to bring Shiite and Sunnis closer together, and around 1,000 people have been killed and his children have been martyred? ” Ayatollah Khamenei said: “The objectives of the enemies of Islam are very dangerous and it falls upon everyone to have insight and remain vigilant. To that effect, Muslim scholars and genuine intellectuals are obligated to speak with people and conscientious politicians and express realities. ” “When the world of money and force is exhausting its potential to hatch dangerous plots for the Muslim world, nobody is allowed to go to sleep and close his eyes to the realities, ” said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution. Prior to Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech, President Hassan Rouhani offered congratulations on the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) and Imam Jaafar Sadeq, describing the Messenger of Islam as the symbol of morality and dignity, saying: “Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) gave the world the lesson of unification, unity and brotherhood. ”Iran has triumphed over world powersNoting that the Muslim world needs more than ever to follow the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), Rouhani said: “With national unity and our great Leader’s guidance, we have triumphed over the world powers and the path of this victory will continue. ” He said the forthcoming Assembly of Experts and Islamic parliamentary elections are a test for the international standing of the country, adding: “All of us should think of the victory of the Islamic establishment and the country in these elections. ” Mr Rouhani referred to the December 29,2009 Iranian epic, saying: “Day 9(December 29) was the day of the Iranian nation’s defense of the House of Prophethood, defense of the[Islamic] establishment and law and defense of the velayat - e faqih(guardianship of the jurisconsult) and vali - e - faqih(jurisconsult). ” “The Islamic Republic of Iran owes its security today to the plans and foresight of the Leader of the[Islamic] Revolution, and thanks to this benediction, through more unity and assisting the Muslim world, it would be easy to save countries from terrorism and foreigners’ interference, ” said Rouhani. The president said the enemies are pitting Muslims against one another, adding: “If all big Muslim countries closed ranks in finding a solution to the public issues of Muslims, the problems of the region would be solved easily. ” Noting that some Muslim countries are interacting with extra - regional powers instead of interacting culturally and economically with one another, Rouhani said: “It is regrettable that a country is sad over the victory of a nation on the political scene and puts the political asset of the Muslim world at the disposal of foreign powers at a very low price. ” “The country that contributed most to a drop in oil prices is now adopting their next year’s budget with a 100 - billion - dollar deficit. It shows that he who blows into fire will have sparkles in his eyes, ” he said. At the end of the ceremony, a group of guests attending the Islamic Unity Conference met intimately with Ayatollah Khamenei.This article originally appeared on Alwaght. com