Yes there are Christian Palestinians. They also suffer under the Zionist regime. Christians; wake up from your slumber!It ' s not enough that vicious Israeli squatters terrorized Hashem every single day of his life. It ' s not enough they burned his olive trees, fired bullets and threw feces into his home. It ' s not enough that they caused the death of two of his unborn children, and attacked his father as he died. Today, the vilest of the vile fired guns in the air as Hashem ' s funeral procession filed through the streets of Hebron. Having died after tear gas inhalation, the Israeli Army fired tear gas as the bereaved gathered in nonviolent protest to remember Hashem ' s life and legacy of peace and nonviolent resistance. If there is one redeeming quality for these monsters, you tell me. Think about the funeral of your father, and how you would feel about the people who harassed him in life, being allowed and encouraged to harass him in Death. You tell me one reason this horror, these people, these illegal extremists squatting on illegally - occupied land, are allowed to continue to rain holy terror on Palestinians, and then you tell me why you support them. I want to know. As my heart aches and my soul rips apart, I want to know. And those of you who post your ' Jesus loves you ' and Bible scriptures every day, and never EVER bother to even say " rest in peace " when I put up the picture of a baby burned alive, or an executed teenager or a demolished home or a toddler run over - you tell me why you can ' t be bothered to lift even a finger to hit a button as you ' re posting about the love of Jesus. Because I ' ve had it.[Introduction: Palestinian BDS movement against Israel] Is it because you think they're Muslim, and not worth your sympathy, or empathy? Is it because they're Palestinian, and you think they're somehow not human.. like you, like me? Do you know that tens of thousands of Palestinians are Christians, and they have been killed and persecuted since 1948? Some Christian villages have been completely destroyed. Christian churches have been attacked in Jerusalem, houses and property seized. There are Christians in Israeli prisons, who spent years behind bars. Christians suffer under the Israeli occupation just the same as Muslims – the entire Palestinian population suffers under it. They don’t distinguish. The Occupiers hate and terrorize and discriminate against ALL Palestinians. So that baby who died that you don't care about, or that teenager who bled out and died as the crowds mocked and chanted - would you have spared a thought for them had they been Christian Palestinian? Would your Jesus have cared more about them? Think about your answer to that question. Because when the history of this modern-day Holocaust on Palestinians is written, and the movies made - and they will be - your children and grandchildren will ask you: "If you knew, why didn't you do something?" And if there is a reckoning to be had in your heaven, on that day, what will your answer be when your Jesus asks you the same.