There are so many Muslims in the world who are also famous in other fields as well, here are some:Mike Tyson:converted to Islam in 1992, the former heavyweight champion was in prison at that time. During an interview with Fox News, Mike said, “I am grateful to be a Muslim. As it is not Allah who needs me, it is I who need Allah. ” In 2010 July Tyson visited the Holy city of Makkah and performed Umrah.T - Pain:the rapper spoke about him being a Muslim recently. The Grammy - Award winner rappers original name is Faheem Rasheen Najm. While talking to Business Insider, he said that people do not know him on a personal level. He also added that people have a misconception about Muslims, and its idiotic.Amal Alamuddin Clooney:a Lebanese - American human rights lawyer, married to George Clooney. Is said to be a Muslim from the Druze Sect, and her mother is a Sunni. Last year, Amal and George turned down all the rumors saying Amal will face consequences for marrying outside the Druze religion.Janet Jackson:in 2013 was reported to have converted to Islam, when she married a Qatari businessman. Brother Jermaine Jackson, embraced being a Muslim in 1989, while he was on a tour in Middle East. During an interview with Reuters he admitted that he felt reborn after embracing Islam.Malcom X:also known as Hajj Malik El Shabaaz, was one of the most influential African American in history. He was an American Muslim minister, and a human rights activist who devoted his life to fight for others rights.Dr. Mehmet Oz:was born in a Turkish Muslim family. The host of Dr. Oz Show, decided to follow the Sufi Islam. As his mother came from a religious secular family and his father’s family was the opposite.Akon:the self - proclaimed Muslim’s full name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. His oigin is from Senegal, where 93% of the population is a practicing Muslim. In his song “Sengal” he sings “Everything we do is for Allah. ”Ice Cube:the rapper converted in 1990’s, is an easy going Muslim. In one of his songs he rapped “You call me a Muslim, no I am not a resident. ” During an interview with News Outlet he clarified that he is more of a natural Muslim, and his faith is between him and his God.Muhammad Ali:converted to Islam in 1975. He was known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. The 3 times heavyweight champion was stripped of his title by the USA government after he refused to join the US Army. He began his journey by joining the Nation of Islam, but later he converted to Sunni Islam, and then moved on to Sufism. Source:Worldstorytoday. com