Muslimpress:Although Muslims are born Muslim and at the beginning someone recites Quran to them but in today’s world it is need to explain the religion to children and help them grasp the truth about Islam.Here are some suggestions:ROLE MODELINGThe most effective way to teach anything to anybody is to be a role model. This is why Allah sent human beings as prophets to all peoples. Whether we willingly accept this or not, it is a fact that your child learns how to function in life by watching what you do. Even the absent parent is role modeling to the degree that a boy, whose father abandoned his family, will probably treat his own children the same way.POSITIVE VS. NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENTNegative comments and treatment result in negative attributes in our children, and positive comments and treatment result in positive results. The term ' positive and negative reinforcement ' is popular in modern psychology, but it was advocated by the Quran and the actions and sayings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), 1400 years ago. How do we use positive reinforcement to teach our children? Young children are basically good. Furthermore they want to please their parents. When you praise them for their good behavior by telling them that Papa and / or Mama is happy with their action, you are using positive reinforcement. Unfortunately many parents ignore their child ' s good actions and only comment on the bad actions.INTEGRATING ISLAM INTO LIFEOne of the most important aspects of raising your children to be Muslims is to introduce the idea that Allah is also happy with their good actions. If you say that what they did or are doing is making you and Allah happy, then the child begins to associate good behavior with acting for the pleasure of Allah, which in a nutshell, is exactly what being a good Muslim involves. Can you say anything better of a believer other than that he / she does everything fi sabillah(for the sake of Allah)?ATTRIBUTES OF ALLAH When you are talking to children under the age of twelve, stress the characteristics of Allah that will give him security and assurances as he grows and encounters fearful situations and unknowns. He needs to be aware of the many blessings Allah has given to him to help him enjoy and cope with his life. And he needs to understand which actions Allah will be pleased with, rather than worry over punishment for mistakes he knows he will make.