Muslimpress:Witr prayer is Sunnat Muakkadah. It is very much emphasized by Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). He did not leave this Salat even during a journey or when mounted on camel back.In Arabic, the word Witr means: One. In Ahadtih Allah ' s Messenger(PBUH) says: " Allah is One, so He likes the number one. " Allah also likes odd numbers because when an odd number is divided by 2, the remainder is always one. for this reason Prophet(PBUH) preferred odd numbers. He liked to do things in odd numbers. He liked to do things in odd numbers in his routine life also, such as: when offering Salat, saying Du ' aa, eating dates, etc. That is why Prophet(PBUH) asked the believers to pray Witr at the end of the night prayer so that it can make the night prayer into an odd number. Abdullah bin Umar says that Allah ' s Messenger(PBUH) said: " Night prayer is to be offered in 2 Rakaat units. When one of you feels that dawn is near then he should offer 1 Rakaat which can make all the night prayer he offered into an odd number. " Witr prayer can be offered after the Isha prayer right up to the break of dawn. Aishah said: “Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) prayed Witr during all times of the night. Sometimes he prayed Witr during the first part of the night, sometimes during the middle part of the night, and sometimes during the end part of the night, but he used to complete the prayer before the break of dawn. "(Bukhair and Muslim) However, a person who thinks he could not get up to pray Witr at the end part of the night, can offer Witr immediately after Isha or before he goes to bed. But someone who thinks that he can get up and pray Nafl at night should pray Witr at the end of his night prayer.How to PrayWhen praying one Witr, a person can offer it as the usual prayer. When praying 3,5, 7 or 9 Rakaat of Witr prayer, there is more than one way the prayer can be offered. For example:
  1. a) A person praying 3 Rakaat Witr can pray 2 Rakaat like the usual prayer. After the Salutation, As salama Alaykum wa rahmutul - lah, first to the right and then to the left, he should get up immediately to complete the third Rakaat. This way of offering Witr prayer is called Witr bil falal
  2. b) A person praying 3 Rakaat or 5 Rakaat Witr should not sit for Tashahud in between the Rakaat except in the last Rakaat.
  3. c) A person praying 3,5, 7 Rakaat Witr should sit in Tashahud in the last but one Rakaat, e. g. in the second Rakaat if he is offering 3 Witr, fourth Rakaat if he is offering 5 Witr, or sixth Rakaat if he is offering 7 Witr and so on. He should read Tashahud and then get up for the last Rakaat and complete it.
All 3 methods are authentic and are practiced by the great Ulama and scholars. so Muslims can choose any one of these 3 methods to offer the Witr prayer. When praying 3 Rakaat Witr , however , it is preferable to choose method a or b as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "Do not make your Witr prayer similar to your Maghrib prayer."