Muslimpress:Catering to the growing number of Muslim students, Yale University will get its first Islamic law and civilization center after receiving a $10 million gift from a Muslim banking and real estate magnate. “We’re taking this step by step — it will require some time and a lot of thought to put a program this ambitious, this complex into motion,” Sterling professor and former Dean of Yale Law School, Anthony Kronman, said. “The hope is that by the end of this year, several major components of the program will be in place and others will follow in short order.” Kronman was speaking about plans to build up a new center for the study of Islamic Law and Civilization “layer by layer” over the next couple of years. Affiliating the Yale Law School, the Islamic law center will bring scholars of Islam to campus for lectures, seminar discussions, visiting professorships and fellowships. Funded by Abdallah Kamel, chief executive of a banking and real estate company based in Saudi Arabia, the center will be named after his name. With a schedule set for the continuation of the lecture series, the center’s first resident fellow will arrive later this fall. The Islamic center that will provide support for research, and possibly travel aims to bring in a visiting professor in the field of Islamic law within the next few years as well.