The explosions targeted cars of senior officials from the Hamas party and the Islamic Jihad resistance group in Gaza.Several car explosions took place in Gaza Sunday morning in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, security officials from the Gaza strip said. The officials said six car explosions occurred at the same time, injuring at least two people. The cars belonged to senior officials from the Islamic Jihad resistance group and from the Hamas movement, who govern in the strip. The cars were parked in front of the houses of the officials in the neighborhood.Recommended:Hamas is a ‘Legitimate Political Actor’: Jimmy Carter No group has yet claimed responsibility for the explosions, but in recent months there were several confrontations in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood between Hamas security forces and fighters from a group affiliated with the ISIS takfiri group operating in the impoverished strip. Security forces prevented people from approaching the scene of the incidents for safety reasons. According to witnesses, a freshly painted graffiti of the ISIS group flag was seen on the wall nearby the location of the explosions. Hamas has been cracking down on the group and arresting their operatives for the past several months. Following the crackdown, the ISIS group, which is operating from Syria and Iraq, vowed in a recent video early July to attack Hamas and other groups based in Gaza.