There has been some rumors around the world about the true religion of President Barak Obama, but here we are going to examine the facts and the evidence to get a clue on his real religion.We are asked to believe that Barack Obama, who for over 20 years has professed to be a devout Christian and spoken publicly of his " personal relationship with Jesus Christ, " is in fact a Muslim who has lied his entire adult life about his true religious affiliation. No tangible proof is offered — no sightings of Obama attending a mosque, no photos of him reading the Koran, praying to Mecca, or observing Islamic holidays with his family. There is no outward evidence that Barack Obama has ever evinced a belief in, or commitment to, any other faith than Christianity. The entire case, such as it is, rests on a confused and error - ridden recitation of Obama ' s upbringing and purported childhood influences. In fact, he does not clearly belong to any other religion as well since he is a politician and has to act as one, i. e. he must try to satisfy all and make everybody believe he is a friend.Some say:Obama ' s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was a " radical Muslim who migrated from Kenya to Jakarta, Indonesia. "But the fact is: Except in early childhood, Obama, Sr. wasn ' t a Muslim at all, let alone a " radical " Muslim. According to Obama, Jr., his father was " raised a Muslim " but lost his faith and had become a " confirmed atheist " by the time he attended college. Author Sally Jacobs(The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama ' s Father, New York: Public Affairs Books, 2011) writes that Obama, Sr. was exposed to Muslim teachings as a child but converted to Anglicanism around the age of 6, attended Christian schools into his teens, and was " a - religious " as an adult. Obama, Jr. ' s parents separated not long after he was born, his father moving not to Jakarta but to the United States, where he attended Harvard. Eventually Obama, Sr. returned to Kenya.They say:Obama ' s mother went on to marry another Muslim named Lolo Soetoro who " educated his stepson as a good Muslim by enrolling him in one of Jakarta ' s Wahabbi[sic] schools. "But the fact is:When Obama ' s mother remarried, it was indeed to an Indonesian man named Lolo Soetoro, whom his stepson later described as a " non - practicing " Muslim. But it was his " secular " mother who directly supervised his education, Obama has written, sending him to both Catholic and Muslim primary schools after the family moved to Jakarta. You see that there ' s nothing on record to indicate Obama attended a madrassa(Muslim religious school) run by Wahhabis, and in any case it ' s unlikely his mother would have chosen to expose him to such an extreme form of Islam given her stated abhorrence of religious closed - mindedness and her stated goal of giving her son a well - rounded education, including in matters of faith.Does Obama ' s Wedding Ring Say " No God But Allah "?" Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim while admitting that he was once a Muslim, " Some say. Obama has never mentioned, let alone " admitted, " being a Muslim at any point in his life. Yes, he lived in a Muslim country during part of his childhood, but there ' s no evidence he was literally raised in the Muslim faith, nor has he ever been, so far as any public evidence shows, a practitioner of Islam.Is There a Photo of Barack Obama Praying at a Mosque?Also they say: When Obama was sworn into office(as a Senator) he used the Koran(Qur ' an) instead of the Bible.But the fact is: According to news accounts Barack Obama brought his personal Bible to his 2005 Senate swearing-in ceremony, which was conducted by Vice-President Dick Cheney. Those alleging otherwise are apparently confusing Obama with Congressman Keith Ellison, who actually is a Muslim, and who posed for photographs with his hand on the Qur'an after being sworn in to the House of Representatives on January 4, 2007. At the end it seems that Barak Obama has been born in a "non-practicing" Muslim family who tended to be secular and, in fact, he does not believe in any religion however pretends to be Christian since Americans are mostly Christians (If he were chosen as the president of Jakarta, undoubtedly, he would claim to a Muslim). He is only using religion as a tool to get people’s approval around the world. The evidence is the facts that he remarks all religious events in the White House, from Muslim’s Ramadan to Hindi feats.