All the Muslim leaders say that bribery is unlawful. Iran’s Islamic Study center has recently published an article on the topic of bribery. According to this article giving a present to a clerk of an office is counted one of the most dangerous things to do. The only lawful kind would be when there is no work to be done for the client and the client insists on the present to be accepted. On the other part of the article it has been asked the question about when the clerk asks for money in exchange for what he does for the client. The answer is no office worker has the right to ask for money and no client should pay the money. This is unlawful both according to religion and law and if that happens the money is unlawful and the clerk has to give it back. The other question talks about when you need to be employed in an office and only through bribery you can do so. In such case, Islamic scholars say that if by doing so you do not violate anybody’s right, it is OK and there is no problem with the money.