Iranian students have expressed their outrage at the release of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad by French magazine Charlie Hebdo by protesting in front of the French embassy.On Monday, protesters chanted slogans against the satirical magazine and asked for the expulsion of the French ambassador from Iran. The demonstrators have also called for Iranian foreign ministry’s swift reaction to the hate speech movement against Muslims in France. The protesters started the rally outside the French embassy building in Neauphle - le - Château Street, and it gradually turned into a marched after thousands more joined the demonstration. Dozens of Iranian lawmakers attended the demonstration to condemn the sacrilegious movement in France. Other activists, as well as Rouhani’s government officials were also present. Iranian officials have condemnedthe terrorist attackwhich left 12 people dead on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris on January 7. However, many people in Iran feel very strongly about the release of the cartoons which insulted Prophet Mohammad. Demonstrations in other Muslim countries have mostly turned violent, and many protesters demanded the immediate expulsion of France’s diplomats from their countries.READ MORE:Reza Aslan speaks out against anti - Islamic ignorance