Muslim scholars speak out against the dangers of extremism and Takfiri movements in the Islamic world, as the International Conference on Takfirism and Extremism enters its second day. A Tunisian scholar said that Takfiris are the best allies for western powers to suppress Muslims. “The reason western oppressors support Takfiri terrorists in Muslim world is to weaken Islamic countries. In the International Conference on Dangers of Takfirism and Extremism, Mohammed Khalil said that the Takfiri groups that have started their plots recently, are showing a distorted version of Islam to the world and this may lead to Islamophobia and misunderstanding Islam, especially in western countries. “Many people may start hating Islam because of the assault and violence that the Takfiri terrorist caused,” he added. The Tunisian scholar expressed doubts on the real plot behind Takfiris’ ideology and added that they are the best allies for western powers to suppress Muslims and cause violence in the region. A Sudanese scholar has also said that the results of what Takfiris have done are apparent in the societies. One of the negative impacts that they caused is the disagreement and mistrust between Muslims. “All Muslims must unite in fighting against Takfiri groups like Daesh (ISIS), and we must realize that the extremist groups are a threat for Muslim world,” he added, “We must also know that the Takfiri movements are founded by the enemies of Islam.” Many other scholars have also spoken out against the atrocities cause by these terror groups, hoping they can unite Muslim world to fight extremism.