Al Quds Day is an annual day of consciousness and solidarity with the Palestinian people who have been exiled from their land and huddled into refugee camps, and those who remain under dehumanizing apartheid conditions in Israel and the occupied territories. Gatherings of empathic people will take place around the globe in several international cities on Friday, July 25, 2014. Each year #Al Quds Day is held on the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The word Quds simply means Jerusalem, greater Jerusalem, or broadly ‘The Holy Land.’ This tradition originated in Iran shortly after the 1979 revolution that deposed the Western puppet despot known as the Shah. Al Quds events are attended by people of all faiths and non-faiths, including Rabbis and other courageous Jews who are opposed to crimes against humanity and the Rothschild State of Israel. Broadly, Al Quds Day recognizes and supports all oppressed peoples around the world. Events like these usually fall prey to a mainstream media blackout or a disinformation campaign. When Al Quds day is mentioned in the corporate media there is a clear attempt to broad stroke it as an expression of Hezbollah or some other group the mainstream media infers to be terrorists. Fortunately, bright and informed people around the world usually see through this disinformation. This is the same controlled media that attempts to rewrite history by claiming that Muslims and Jews innately hate each other, when the real conflict is between the unholy alliance of global elites, religious and political fundamentalists, and duped citizens hypnotized by the lies of the mass media vs. the intelligent and freedom loving people who wish to live a dignified life in a peaceful and rational world. Instead of the sanctioned governmental versions of history and incessant propaganda, independent research and analysis has revealed that for centuries wars and economic collapse are almost always orchestrated by the same dynastic families and institutions who print and control fiat currencies, hoard and manipulate the price of gold, create and fund both sides of bloody wars, control the flow of ‘official’ information through their mainstream media, genetically alter the food we eat, spray chemicals, and champion an ever increasing number of vaccines (sometimes containing mercury and/or other poisons), etc. These high crimes against humanity, which have caused so much suffering, can be traced to a source that is very eye opening and enlightening. What is the source of this malady upon humanity? A permanent cradle to grave genetic neuropsychological condition called psychopathy (a.k.a. sociopathy), is the second biggest reason why the human condition is so depraved. The number one reason is the billions of people who enable the organized elite psychopaths that rule the planet largely unchallenged. Psychopaths in positions of global power obsessively brainstorm, plan, and carryout events like sinking ships loaded with vacationers, flying aircraft into skyscrapers filled with workers, forcing the use of fiat currency on the population while they hoard precious metals, crashing economies, putting millions out of work, encouraging debt and then confiscating real property, creating famines, planning and instigating world wars and local conflicts and then funding both sides, bioengineering diseases in government labs and introducing them to an unsuspecting public, etc. What is it that all psychopaths have in common? The answer is they are incapable of feeling empathy. It’s much easier for a person devoid of empathy for other living things, to knowingly and willingly engage in cruel and inhumane practices. Clinical psychopaths are born without the full range of emotions that most of us empaths (a.k.a. ‘normals’ or non-psychopaths) have and often take for granted. Since the psychopath is devoid of the important emotions that bind humans together, they instinctively learn to mimic these emotions in order to fit into the empathic community where they can engage in the callous manipulation of the rest of us. Is everyone who is unfriendly, uncaring, or antisocial a psychopath? Absolutely not! Yet ‘intelligent’ psychopaths have an advantage that facilitates their often meteoric rise to the top of power structures---that advantage is the lack of restraint that comes with having no concern for the feelings of others. Since psychopaths are burdened by an inner chaos in their minds they seek relief by transforming their environment into chaos. The chaos they create brings order in their sick minds. They do this by lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating, and even murder. They also create or embrace strict hierarchal institutions like corporations and militaries while controlling the masses though financial and media manipulation. When psychopaths work together for increased self-interest this phenomenon is called ‘organized psychopathy.’ Organized crime on a global level is actually ‘organized psychopathy.’