You can read previous article here:Do Sunni grandees and scholars approve Wahhabism?(Part one)SHAFAQNA - - The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani answered the above question regarding Wahhabism. He said, there is no doubt that claiming something is very easy but proving the same thing with reasons is not such an easy task. How can Wahhabi beliefs be approved by the Sunni grandees when Wahhabism itself started by Ibn Taymeiyeh who died in 728 AH? He died in prison because the scholars of the 4 Sunni religions gave evidence that his ideas were against Islam and baseless!6. He considered Haram(forbidden) taking any kind of vows in the name of the members of Ahlul Bait for the aim of receiving blessing from God.7. He considered asking for Prophet’s(PBUH) intercession as Shirk(disbelief) although he could not deny the principle of it. 8. He declared taking an oath to members of Ahlul Bait as Haram whereas; God took an oath on the life of the Prophet(PBUH) in the Quran. 9. He considered all other Muslims apart from his own followers, as Moshriks(disbelievers). Since the day of coming to power in Najd and Hejaz, the followers of Mohammad ibn Abdulwahhab continuously have been fighting with Muslims around them and in fact the Wahhabi rule has been formed on the ruins of Muslims. 10. He declared celebrating Prophet’s birthday as heresy whereas these types of ceremonies are used to show the love for the Prophet(PBUH) as prescribed in the Quran and as part of the Islamic beliefs. Basically the Wahhabi ideology is based on 3 elements.
  1. Spreading the Jewish beliefs about God’s characteristics
  2. Lowering the level of the Prophets and Imams to an ordinary person, saying their death is the end of their existence. That is why Wahhabis have been destroying all the remnants of the Islamic history and instead protecting the remnants of the pre - Islamic tribes and their history as well as the Western culture.
  3. These rejected Wahhabi ideology created differences amongst Muslims and in order to cover their faults, they chose the name Salafi, to pretend to be following the early Muslims but, the early Muslims believed exactly the opposite of the Wahhabis and for that reason they could spread Islam.
Like ignorant people, proud of their inherited thoughts from Ibn Taymiyeh and his student Mohammad ibn Abdulwahhab, Wahhabis are never ready to participate in any meeting to discuss the disputed issues so that others could hear their reasons. Therefore it is clear that, Wahhabis are a small minority who are using the force and terrorism as well as huge amounts of petro dollars to spread their ideology amongst Muslims. They are united with the West whilst accusing Muslims by using two words of “Bed’at or heresy” and “Shirk or disbelief”.