SHAFAQNA - Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered a question regarding the precious book of “Nahjul Balagha”. According to Shafaqna the question and answer is as follows: Your honour, the Grand Ayatollah Sistani, please say a few sentences regarding the precious book of “Nahjul Balagha” for our guidance. May God protect you for Islam and Muslims. In the name of Allah the compassionate, the merciful Without a doubt this book which contains some of the words of the Commander of believers(AS) which after the words of Allah(SWT) and the Prophet(PBUH), is above the words of human being because it clearly describes the truths and the method of thought and reflection of the creation. The bases of the religion and its teachings, the explanations about the decrees and the traditions of life can be found in this valuable book. The most valuable points of Nahjul Balagha are the explanation on the ways of self - purification, aims of Sharia and decrees based on the religion, methods of governing, the conditions and abilities related to it and ways of worshipping God. On the other hand this valuable book is the true mirror of the Islamic history and events after the passing away of the Prophet(PBUH) particularly the time of Imam’s Khalafa. An important part of the book contains the principles, behavioural characteristics, knowledge and jurisprudence of Imam Ali(AS). All Muslims can use this book for religious matters, for teaching and self - purification. I will advise all, particularly the youth to pay special attention to study this book and keep in mind all its recommendations. It is also appropriate for all those who claim to love Imam(AS) and wish to have lived at his time to have benefited from his advice and guidance, can now do so, by utilizing this book. At the time of the war of Jamal, Imam Ali(AS) said: There are people with me in this war who are still in their father’s loins and their mother’s wombs. Imam(AS) meant those who in future wish to be with him. These are the people who on the Judgment Day will be resurrected with Allah’s holy representatives because instead of just wishing, they act according to the guidance of Imam Ali(AS) without any excuses. It is appropriate that the Muslim rulers act according to their duties described by Imam(AS) and try to follow his instructions and behaviours. The Muslim rulers should consider themselves as the representatives of Imam(AS) in order to show they are the true followers of Imam(AS). I pray to Allah(SWT) to help all of us, and guide us, and help us to stay away from our egos because the success and victory is only in the domain of the Almighty. ByAli Alhossaini Alsistani