SHAFAQNA - - The Grand Ayatollah Sobhani answered the above question regarding Wahhabism. He said, there is no doubt that claiming something is very easy but proving the same thing with reasons is not such an easy task. How can Wahhabi beliefs be approved by the Sunni grandees when Wahhabism itself started by Ibn Taymeiyeh who died in 728 AH? He died in prison because the scholars of the 4 Sunni religions gave evidence that his ideas were against Islam and baseless! So the ruler of the time put Ibn Taymeiyeh in prison and he died in prison. If his ideas were approved by the scholars he would never have been put in the prison. There were many debates with Ibn Taymeiyeh in Damascus and Egypt and in all of them his misguided ideology were condemned.[1] Now I would like to remind everyone the main principles of Ibn Taymeiyeh’s ideas which all Sunni Muslims are against.
  1. He considered God as a body who is sitting on a wooden throne and this throne is a bit smaller than him and the wood creaks due to heavy load!
  2. He believed on the Judgment Day, the fire will extinguish.
  3. He considered travelling to visit(Ziara) the Shrine of the Prophet(PBUH) as Haram(forbidden). On the contrary all Islamic scholars consider this visit as permissible(Mostahab). He does not believe in visiting the shrine of other Prophets of Allah(SWT) and only said to send Salaam to all the prophets like any other deceased(Ziara Ahlal Qoboor).
  4. He considered seeking blessing(Tabarrok) from remnants left by the Prophet(PBUH) as disbelief(Shirk). On the contrary all the companions(Sahaba) and Muslims seek blessing from the remnants left by the Prophet.
  5. He considered building shrines, rooms, shades for the graves of the saints as disbelief and considered their destruction as signs of monotheism.
To be continued